Thursday, January 20, 2011

pottery barn duvet for sale...

Happy Thursday, girls!

I hope you are all warm and cozy today. It is frreeeeezzzzing here, so think of me today if you are one of my warm-climate friends!! Or, feel free to call me up and invite me down for a visit!

Today I am working on the "Urban Plains"bedroom. I plan on giving you a sneak peek next week, but while I am thinking of it I thought I would offer an orphan duvet up for sale, just in case any of you were pining for this one when it sold out from Pottery Barn.

It was part of the "Farmhouse Collection" that launched last January.

You can see it in the photo is the blue chambray duvet shown folded over the quilt.

This is the catalog it was first featured if you are like me...and have a stack of their catalogs that date back to somewhere around 1999, you can turn to page 5 in this one and have a look.

It is King Size, and I snagged it for one heck of a deal on clearance earlier this year. I had no plans for it, but for $60 I knew I had to grab it "just in case" it worked in one of the bedrooms in my home. Well, now that rooms and color schemes are coming is not going to work afterall, so thought maybe someone out there could give it a new home.

It may have been a return, or a display...I don't know. I just know it was after this one had sold out, I was walking through one day...and there she was sitting alone in the clearance corner, not in its original package. So it may not be 100% perfect, but I asked before I purchased it...and the girl that sold it to me told me if it is flawed, they cannot sell it in the store, it goes to their outlet. I unfolded it to check it over, and it looks good to me!

So, if someone out there would like it...send me an email!

$ shipping...and its yours!

UPDATE: Woohoo! The duvet has a new home! A great-big THANK YOU to Brenda!
I am off to get to work...we had a bit of a color change to the white walls in the guest room I am working on. "Snow White" was just too cold...but "Chantilly Lace" by Benjamin Moore did the trick! It is my new favorite white! Warm, but doesn't have a "cream" cast to it...but still a nice bright white. I recommend it to anyone out there looking for the perfect shade of white for their walls or furniture!