Monday, September 28, 2009

a grey kind of day...

What happened?
We had a gorgeous Midwest fall day yesterday.
72 degrees, sunny...a wonderful breeze.
Today it is grey...windy, 55 degrees and just plain nasty outside.

It makes me worry about the weather for my last show at Kane County Flea Market this weekend.
PLEASE everyone think "sun and 70 degrees" for me!

So...since I am feeling a little "grey" today, thought I would share some of my "grey obsession".
 I have always been obsessed with grey, and yes I mean obsessed.
For the last 10 years I have collected every galvanized metal thingy, vintage wire basket I could lay my hands on. And if I was crusing an antique mall or flea market and found a grey scale or old fan with grey paint, it was mine! And if I can wear it...and it comes in grey...I buy two...just in case.

So...on with the show. Enjoy a little 'grey love' on my Midwest grey day.

This sweater will be added to my collection as of today.
I love the Gap. I like everything simple and not fussy.

I am deeply in love with these letters from Anthro. I am currently planning and plotting where in my home I can spell something fabulous.
At 25" tall, they make a statement - and they must me mine!

I am embarking on a major kitchen reno soon. Call me crazy, but I am moving my kitchen to another room in my house. It is just too small for me now...I love, love, love to cook and bake.

When we make the move, the old kitchen will be perfect for a big 'ol farm table...and I want these all around. That darn Crate & Barrel. They get me every time. Just when I think they are too contemporary for me...they pull out something like this. I love them so.

Speaking of kitchens...I am crazy about this counter. Soapstone? Concrete...whatever it is fabulous!

I am currently painting a fabulous bedroom set in white with grey...I am so excited to show you all pics, so stay tuned!

Wishing you a sun-filled Monday, girls...

Monday, September 21, 2009

order up!

This post is a shout out to all the girls that wanted a letter necklace last month...but I was sold out...I have more ready to go!

Drop me an email and remind me who needs what letter...and your address.

Friday, September 18, 2009

easily distracted...

I admit it. I LOVE a good yard sale.
Today when I was out hunting, I found something that made my heart skip.
Yes, even more than it usually does when I pull up to a sale.

Usually I can't pull myself away from the goods at hand. But today...was different.

The Spanish-style house was huge and gorgeous.
Not just gorgeous...stunning...actually more like unbelievable!
Now keep in mind...I live in the Midwest.
We don't have houses like this around here. Never.
In Southern California - yes. In Northern Illinois - no.

The grounds were even more lovely than the home.
I am crazy about this building.
naturally weathered wood...
huge flowers spilling out of the window boxes...
a little french sign above the french doors...
I was in l.o.v.e.
Next summer...I am building one in my back yard.

I spotted this gate...and HAD to ask if I could snap some photos. I am pretty sure they thought I was a complete nut...but I don't care. I want NEED a gate like this in my back yard!

There were gorgeous vintage concrete statues tucked throughout the landscaping. They were incredible!

This one is for all of you that have a playhouse in the backyard the kids have outgrown.
Enlarge the photo...and look closely...see the antique iron bed on the bottom?
Yes, thats right is their OUTDOOR BEDROOM!
Woah!...I want NEED one of those, too!

Seriously...a little netting...tiny white lights...I would never sleep in the house again!

I spent about an hour taking in their lovely gardens.
They are having Part #2 of this sale next week. I guess I better go. I was so wrapped up in snapping pictures around their grounds, I didn't buy a thing!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

am I dreaming?

Dear Rachel,

You have made me a very happy girl today.

Sincerely, Mary

Tuesday, September 15, 2009