Thursday, October 20, 2011

made-to-order roman shades??

Anyone out there know of a good source for made-to-order roman shades?

Maybe a fellow blogger...or an Etsy shop?? I like to support handmade, you know!

I am working on a master bedroom makeover, and I need to have some made to fit a large corner window.

Next question...anyone out there have a corner window like the one in the photo below?

Do you use drapes or another type of window treatment. Do tell!!

Most of the photos I have found on Pinterest or Google with corner windows show no type of window treatment at all. Not an option for a bedroom.

It is the HARDEST kind of window to dress, I swear! I would use white drapes, but then my hubs would have fabric hanging behind his nightstand, which seems kinda weird. (Our bed sits where you see the sofa in that photo, so his nightstand is positioned under the window for the most part.)

I thought a white roman shade would be a perfect solution. Our bedroom overlooks a large and private, somewhat wooded backyard, so privacy isn't a huge issue.

(all images via my pinterest)
Ideas, anyone?

Friday, October 14, 2011

let's talk halloween...

Every year the hubs and I organize our part of a Halloween event at our local museum.

It is SO. MUCH. FUN!

(I love seeing my 6'3" hubs wearing a mask that makes him yet 4" taller towering over the kiddos...they LOVE it!)

It gives our city's kids a safe and unique place to come out all dressed up and trick-or-treat. Behind the museum's main building is a town...a general store, an old hotel, a white clap-board church, a firehouse, a big barn. There are quite a few buildings and businesses, and they make up the most charming "Little House on the Prairie" type town. Each a historic building that has been moved from its original location to the Museum's ground. 

 A local business signs up to sponsor one of the buildings. They employees volunteer to decorate their building, they dress up in costume and  hand out candy to the kids. There are other events too, bobbing for apples, hayrides...the usual old-fashioned style fall party.

Last year my hubs was Frankenstein and I was Red Riding Hood.

(I never realized this until I uploaded this photo on the blog...there is a mini Red Riding Hood behind my hubs - so cute!!)

Oh, and just so you know...I cannot be held responsible for what looks like huge 1980's bangs piled high on my head.

I blame the hood.

I swear I don't walk through my normal life like that.

Anyway, I need help. Ideas. Creativity.

What should I go as this year?? Do I give Red Riding Hood one more run before I retire the outfit, or should I try something new?

Any ideas from all you creative ladies out there??

Oh, and for any of you in the Northern Illinois area, this event is soooo worth the trip out! It takes place at the Midway Village Museum in Rockford, IL next Friday October 22nd from 2-8pm. You can find me in the Police Station handing out goodies all day!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a happy accident...

I normally wouldn't post such an ugly pic...but I just had to show you the "happy accident of the day"...

Remember my last post where I showed you a photos of the cabinet with all the small drawers I picked out of the trash?? Well, I know some of you wanted me to leave the original finish. And trust me, I would have if I thought I could. I {LOVE} me some chippy, old paint!!

 BUT, since it was in a printing factory all those years there was ink all over the bottom half of the cabinet. Someone either dropped a big jar of it, or a machine was continually splashing it in the direction of the cabinet...whatever it was...I hated it. It just looked so gross and killed the look of the cabinet.

So I took my palm sander to it this morning, and look what I found!!

(See...I told you that ink was gross. Blah.)

Each drawer has a number underneath, and the gray paint lightens and brightens to be a PERFECT shade for my office.

Isn't it wonderful when something works out even better than you planned??

Ok, its back to the sander for me, girls! I can't wait to get this one finished!

Monday, October 10, 2011

what I'm doing today...

First order of business...Midwest girls - can you BELIEVE this weather??


I feel like I am living in the South! Shorts and flip-flops in October?? I love it!

I am doing yard work, painting trim, getting my flower beds in order for being a procrastinator hasn't proven to be a bad this this year after all!

Anyway. just thought I would check in and give you a tiny peek at what I am going to work on when I have some spare time this week...I know she is not much to look at now, but she has such potential! I have always been a sucker for cabinets with lots of little drawers.

16 drawers of loveliness...

{sigh...} I think I am in love.

old, chippy gray paint that needs a little 'sprucing up'...

not a full paint job, because I love the character of this one...but a fresh look is in order for this old girl

{removing old stickers...a dry brushing of a fresh gray paint...and old maps to line each drawer}

she served an old printing company in my city for over a 100 years, then was discarded and headed for the landfill. I rescued her and can't wait to give her a new home in my office!

Back to work for me, girls! The huge tree in my front yard decided to drop every single leaf it had overnight.

Anyone want to help me rake?? 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

recovery mode...and a winner!


That is all I could say as I plopped into my super-cozy down filled sofa Sunday night.

My flea market season has officially come to an end for 2011.

(thought I would show you a few photos from the weekend. It was c-r-a-z-y busy...I tried to get some before we sorry they are not the best, but at least you can see some of the things I brought to the show.)

And now I am in what I call "recovery mode". After 6 shows in a row...and hundreds and hundreds of pieces of furniture later, I am tired. My house needs to be cleaned. I need to regroup and work on some projects in my own home.

It was an AMAZING summer, to say the least. You girls rocked my socks off with the support you showed me and my little biz this summer!! I have been doing this so long, and every spring I wonder if this is going to be my last. If you will get tired of my work. Tired of seeing everything painted white.

I start every single show off with those same fears, and every single time you come through and show me the love. This month was no exception, and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!

I have a fantastic giveaway coming up next week to show just how much I appreciate you. So stay tuned! I think you are gonna {LOVE} it!

Speaking of giveaways....

How about I announce the winner of the $50 La Posh Style giveaway!?

Chosen by girl that better be ready to get her shop on is....drumroll, please....


Email me, KELGIRL. Its time for some new boots!