Thursday, June 30, 2011

99 things I love...summer edition

Last year I decided to start a running list of things I is ever changing, evoloving and getting quite long! I decided it was time for a strictly "summer edition" to my 'list of loves'.

light filtering through white curtains
watching lightning bugs in my backyard
flea markets
window boxes full of flowers
nights spent at the drive-in theater
day trips
dining al fresco
farmers markets
summer memories growing up on our farm
gravel roads
night swimming
white sheets fresh off the clothesline
camping at state parks
dogs hanging their heads out of car windows
bare feet
sound of ice cream trucks
eating foods on sticks at the state fair
the smell of fresh cut grass
painted toes
running for ocean waves
road side fruit stands
roller coasters
lake superior's shoreline
the sound of crickets
outdoor summer concerts
water balloon fights
the smell of suntan lotion
white lights in the trees around my patio
spending time “up north”
tiki torches
 evening bike rides
u-pick strawberries
sunglasses as a headband
snow cones
the sound of cicadas
the sound of lawnmowers from down the street
the sound of a vintage fan
a good yard sale
neighbors sitting on their porches
cute elderly couples out for a walk
ice cold watermelon
drive-in movies
singing in the car
falling asleep with the windows open
weekend trips
laying in the grass on a summer night
planning a vacation
collecting driftwood & shells
being spontaneous
100% Grape juice popsicles
drippy ice cream cones
michigan sand dunes
fabulous sunglasses
 wedding cake flavor ice cream
the smell of a campfire
all white covers on my bed
planting petunias
eating dinner off the grill every.single.night.
the sound of summer silence
a cool shower after a long day on the lake
hanging clothes on the clothesline
the slam of an old screen door
lemonade stands
basball games
camping in the backyard
a cool breeze on a really hot day
marching bands in small-town parades
drinking lemonade out of a mason jar
beach hair
lingering daylight hours
wildflowers growing along gravel roads
mini golf
driving with the top down
a night spent crusising the river slowly on a pontoon boat
fresh raspberries
picking my salad from my garden
the smell of my neighbors grill
kids playing in the sprinklers
neighborhood block parties
grilled corn on the cob
tank tops
bonfire parties
fresh peaches
beach balls
squirt gun fights
sparkling blue swimming pools
retro lawn furniture
the simple fact that mosquitoes never EVER bite me

There really is so much to love about summer, isn't there?

 I would love to know...what are some of your favorite things??

Happy Thursday, everyone! The long weekend is almost here!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

....and the winner is....

Congrats to the winner of my Shabby Apple dress giveaway!

(My apologies for the lack of personalization there...but I searched your blog and could not find your first name anywhere! Lol!)

Send me an email Miss Peele!

On another note, is anyone else as happy as I am that Blogger FINALLY fixed its latest issue?? Geesh! I have been wanting to do blog posts since last week and was not able to add photos. So frustrating!

I will be back tomorrow with a post on a fabulous antique show I shopped a couple weeks ago! I can't wait to show you my find!

Happy Thursday, girls! I have a date with my paintbrush today!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

shabby apple giveaway!

I was so excited when SHABBY APPLE asked if I would once again give like to give away one of their amazing dresses to one of my readers! Well, you know how I love you girls...and I always love a good of course I could not say YES fast enough!

Have you seen Shabby Apple's new collections?? I have one word for the eye candy I was just soaking in over on their website.


They have the most incredible selection of women's dresses, little girl's dresses...even maternity! Each and every one gorgeous...I love how everything is vintage-inspired!

After you enter to really have to pop Shabby Apple and take a peek. I saw a few things that I just know I will be ordering for the summer wardrobe this year!

I had trouble picking just one of their gorgeous dresses for the I settled on 3 and decided the winner could choose which one she loved best!

AHOY....a yummy green dress in a comfortable voile fabric. For me, this would be a perfect addition to my vacation wardrobe! Simple and pretty...perfect for dinner and a stroll on the beach.

DA VINCI...I *love* this dress! Doesn't it just look so soft? Perfect for those days when I am running around all day but still want to wear something a little chic.

And just in case you are more of a skirt girl...ADELAIDE is my FAV! Love the pencil skirt style...and the bow just gives it a little something extra. Love, love...LOVE!

Ok, let gets right to it, shall we?


Pop over and visit SHABBY APPLE on Facebook by clicking your love and "LIKE" them while you are there. Just leave me a comment telling me you did, and you are entered!

If you are not on Facebook, leave me a comment anyway...and you will be entered!

There is always room for a little extra credit, right?? So here it is.

1. Become a follower of my blog. (This earns you another entry, so leave me a seperate comment telling me you are a follower!)

2. Share the love...TWEET, FACEBOOK, BLOG or add the thumbnail below to your blog SIDEBAR. (Yes, this earns you an entry for EACH AND EVERY ONE you do! Do all 4 and get 4 MORE ENTRYS! Woohoo! BUT be sure to leave me a seperate comment for each one tell me you did it!)

Oh, and if you see something over on their site that you just can't wait to order...mention my name and get 10% off ! Until July 15th you can enter 'urbanfarmgirl10off' at checkout and receive the discount!

Good luck, girls!

(giveaway will close at Midnight central time Wednesday June 22nd, winner will be announced on the 23rd!)
(My apologies to my International readers...but the winner must have a US shipping address...)

Monday, June 13, 2011

monday's randomness...

Why do Monday's seem to come so fast? I don't even work a 9-5 job, but still there is something about the feel of a Friday afternoon. Such promise for a fun & productive weekend. But then before I know it  Monday morning comes and slaps me in the face. Such an injustice. I vote for reform to make it a 2 day work week, and 5 day weekend! Who's with me??

So today we are going to revisit the 'bullet point style' blog post. It has quickly become my favorite, and it seems yours, too! So here we go...just the thoughts that are floating around in my head on this lovely Monday morning.

I have porches and patios on the brain the morning...

- First let me say to all you girls that came out to see me last weekend at the flea was sooooo great to meet all of you! I could not believe how many times last weekend I heard "I read your blog". My apologies if I seemed like a deer-in-the-headlights, I was just in shock ever time I heard someone say it. Really? You read what lil 'ol me has to say?? I *LOVE* you girls for that, seriously! You sure know how to make a girl blush!

- I did a little landscaping this weekend. I keep looking out my windows to stare at it. Is that weird? I am sure it is, but I am just so proud! But let me say, my body is telling me this morning WHY people hire people to do that stuff. Ugh.  

- I am moving an old farm table into my home office today to use as my desk. Am I going to miss having drawers like in my desk? Or is compulsively-organized me going to find a way to make it work? I just really love the table so thought I had to at least try it. Stay tuned for the results on that one.

- I have a giveaway coming this week. Woohoo!!

- I have some AMAZING things going up on Etsy this week. Serioulsy good stuff, so be sure to check in. I am photographing some of it today. Old scales, tarnished silver, french flashcards, old wood tool totes, birdcages...I am cleaning the warehouse!

- I asked my husband last night what he thought of me whitewashing the wood floors that run through our house. He gave me his usual answer. "Sure. Whatever you want." I love that man. Never even questioned it for one second. Now, to find time to execute my plan.

- I have officially decided to roadtrip to the Country Living Fair in Ohio this September. Anyone out there going?

- This post is becoming way too long.

- I am plotting an planning a make-over of my patio & porch area this weekend. That would explain all the lovely photos I am showing you from Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest...I have 2 invites if anyone out there needs one. The first two people to send me a note with your email address can have them so you can start your obsession, too! 

- I have decided I need to start a support group called "Husbands of Pinterest"...because my poor hubs can't be the only one being ignored while I am pinning away all night long.

Ok, I have bored you enough for one day. Anyone still reading??

If you are...I love you for it. I am off to paint furniture at my warehouse today!

Happy Monday, girls!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miss Ollie Faith...

When I first started blogging I connected Annie from The House that Jade Built. Annie has an amazing energy and spirit and a cute little family full of love, life and pure happiness!  She lives only about 2 hours from me, so it was great to find someone "local" in blogland. I can't wait til I can meet her (and her Mom & sisters in person!)

A few months ago, Annie had a beautiful baby girl...Ollie Faith.

Today is the big day for Miss Ollie...

Her little heart was not strong when she was born, and today the doctors in St. Louis are going to do their very best work and make it a healthy, strong heart.

She has been given a life with the BEST family a little girl can ask for...and I hope you will just take a quick moment to remember her and her family in your thoughts today.

It is a big day for everyone.

Surgery is scary for anyone, but when it is such a sweet little baby it is even more heart-wrenching. I figured this little girl needs every prayer we can offer her today!

Friday, June 3, 2011

2 chicks and a fancy owl...

Raise your hand if you are from the Chicago area and will be going to the Kane County Flea this weekend!

I am! I am! Wait....I will be there selling. And for the first time in 5 years, I will be bringing lots of vintage things with me, too! Usually I bring painted furniture only to this show but I decided it was time to clean my warehouse! (Yes, that is cheering you hear in the background from my hubs.) There will be LOTS of chippy paint chairs, old maps, linen lined metal baskets, get the idea. Stuff. Good stuff! Oh, and I even have a vintage Schwinn bike, too! So come see me early! Arena Building across from the Fairgrounds Office & Bathrooms. 

But enough about me...I am here to tell you about 2 friends that will be selling at the show this weekend, too! And for those of you that are not local - they have an Etsy shop! Woot! Woot!


Jackie & Jill are two amazing girls that stumbled on the most incredible vintage ceramic molds for birds, gnomes, owls, mushrooms, frogs...just really cool pieces! They make each piece by hand and with love. Isn't it a great feeling to know you are supporting a handmade business?

I have a beautiful bird that I used in my guest room makeover. My Mom loves I knew that would be the perfect spot to perch this beauty!

I am drooling over this watering can! I think I am going to run over to their booth and pick one of these up! I love the simple, clean lines!

And what a great idea this yarn bowl is!


And what yard doesn't need a frog prince! He is quite handsome, I have to say...

Awww...and the gnomes. I love gnomes! Maybe the patio could use a couple of these little guys, too!

Most of what Jackie & Jill make are in a beautiful bisque color...but there are some pieces that are colorful and gorgeous! Their colorful mushrooms are so cute!

So if you are at Kane this weekend, stop by and say "Hi" to Jackie & Jill...and tell them the Urban Farmgirl sent you! They are easy to find...they will be at the far North end of the Swine Building.

Want to take a peek at their Etsy shop?? Click here...

I hope to see some of my readers this weekend! It is going to be gorgeous weather...PERFECT for a day at the flea!

I am off to put finishing touches on a few mirrors, pack a truck and think reeeeallly hard on parting with my chalkboard and bringing it to the flea this weekend. I don't think I can do it. Yet.