Thursday, July 25, 2013

goin' to the chapel...y'all this thing on??


How long has it been since I have done a blog post?? Waaaaay too long. 

And as usual, I am coming late to the party on my post about my new ADVENTURE for the fall. I was going to post this some time ago...started to type...then became a little sad realizing no one probably reads my blog anymore since I haven't done a meaningful post in!

So, I announced what was happening over on Facebook and Instagram and left it at that. But lately I have had a wave of "hey, I can do this! I can hunt down my vintage goods, run my shop, sell at the flea, paint a bazillion pieces of furniture each month, have a meaningful life AND blog."

I can..................right?? {hee...hee!}

So starting with THIS blog post I am back at it. 

(cue the trumpets, I am standing with my hands on my hips, Super-Hero style!)

Urban Farmgirl is going back to being a regularly active blog. I can do this!


Anyway, on with the fun stuff. 

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of once again spending some time with this amazing couple. 

Kevin and Layla from The Lettered Cottage were traveling through the Midwest and we had planned to meet on her way through Illinois. 

When Layla first texted me and asked if she could stop by my shop...I about died. The shop had just come off an 'open weekend' and it was a hot mess. It was practically empty, and looked like a tornado had ripped through it. Talk about wanting to just DIE. Layla is coming for a visit and this is what she is going to see?? But, after my usual quick panic and freak out session, I reverted back to my calm self and thought 'it is what it is' and I just rolled with it. It was real. It was authentic. And it meant we had an awesome weekend at the shop. How could that possibly be embarrassing, right?

{it still kinda was, but don't tell anyone - ok?}

So, there was a little of little of this...

And a whole lot of talking and laughing!

A few minutes after they left, I get a text with this amazing photo....and the idea to sell vintage goods inside that ridiculously amazing chapel!!

Ummmm....and since I suffer from serious wanderlust, LOVE selling my vintage wares, and a fly-by-the-seat of my pants kind of girl, I of course could not type YES fast enough! I think I responded within   about 2.3 seconds that I would be there! No need to give me details, just tell me when and where and I am there!

So, on October 19th I will be found selling my vintage wares at the chapel building in Layla's neighborhood along with some of the most AMAZING ladies in blogland. I am so honored to be among those selling, and I have no idea how I fit in with all their greatness, but I am sooo happy to share their company! You can go here to check out the vendor line up and the details. 

Oh, and the other REALLY fun part?? I get to road trip with this girl all the way down to Bama because we are going to be sharing a space that will be decked out with all the vintage goodness we can pack in a trailer! Remember when Oprah and Gayle would go on their "Big Adventure" trip every year?? 

Yeah, I have a feeling it's gonna be something like that. 2 girls in a truck, hauling a trailer we have no idea how to pull, and trying not to whack it into everything in our 1,600 mile path from Illinois to Alabama.

The question is...which one of us is Oprah and which one is Gayle?

Someone call us a camera crew, I feel a new reality show coming on!

Hope to see some of you there! It is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!!