Thursday, July 26, 2012

so, who's looking for a trailer??

I don't know about you girls, but this Midwest summer heat is KILLING me. I have been scheming all week about how I can get my landlord to install central air in my big, old drafty warehouse. Gah! A girl can dream, right?? I have been so exhausted from working in the heat all day, I have not had the energy to post in a week. But the show must go on, even in 105 I thought I would share a little something I have been thinking about all day. 

If you follow me on Pinterest you can tell I have a deep love for these little beauties. 

 They bring back such great memories of all the camping we did as kids. I remember being a little girl and walking around the campground at night with my sister. I always wished for a cute little camper, and I knew it would have to have vintage Chinese lantern lights strung from it around my campsite. They always looked so inviting and happy!

Well this morning, I was laying in bed...fighting the urge to get I paid a little visit to my Pinterest app on my phone and saw this lovely camper pop up...

So it got my wheels turning again, and I hopped over to Craigslist to see if there were any cute ones for sale. They are few and far between, let me tell ya! But this morning...this one appeared on my screen and stopped me in my tracks. 

Isn't she cute??

She is a 1965 Arrow. And I love her. 

 A couple from the Madison, WI area are moving...and need to sell her. They actually have her all fixed up for camping, but this of the cuteness possibilities with this one! 

I just thought I would mention it on the outside chance any of my readers from the Midwest were looking to buy a cute little camper.

If you are you can check out the Craigslist ad here...and if you take her home, I want to hear about it!

Can't you just see her all painted up, full of charm and cuteness like this one??


(all photos are from my Pinterest boards, except the 2 from Craigslist)

I would love to take her home and give her a makeover, but I have other irons in the fire right the trailer will have to come next year.

Happy Wednesday, girls! I am off to a few Estate Sales wish me luck! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

wishing you a relaxing Sunday...

I had a H-U-G-E garage sale at my house the last couple of days. Lots of girls, lots of laughs and LOTS of work. Does anyone else out there swear off the garage sale for the next year once you wrap up the one you are in the middle of?? I do. Every. single time. But I know I will do it again next year. Hahahaha! Good times. 

Until then...I am going to relax today. 

Wishing I lived in here. Because I have a feeling this cute little cottage isn't that far away from a beach. 


Wishing you all a happy and relaxing Sunday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{sigh...} love a white painted floor...

I am working on a new little project...and I find myself obsessed with 2 things this morning. 

White Paint + Wood Floors

I went searching Pinterest for inspiration, and just had to share some of these beautiful images. 


Love those floors, but that desk, the chairs and the lighting aren't so bad, either!

Everything just seems to 'pop' against a white floor...

I have so much love for the old, rustic wood...

I love the gaps...and the cracks...

The imperfections are so beautiful...

So very European...yet so American the same time. 

And just because this one is my favorite...I'm showing it to you again. 


So there you have it. In case you ever wondered how I spend my Wednesday mornings. I am doing laundry, dragging stuff out for a garage sale, cleaning my kitchen and dreaming of painted wood floors. My crazy mind just works like that. Everything all jumbled up in there at once! 

Oh, and if you are looking to shop this weekend...Tattered Tiques in Lake Barrington is open this weekend! They will be open Thuesday thru Saturday from 10-3. I brought some new goodies in last week, so stop out and take a peek!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

embarking on the sunroom project...

You may remember a few months ago I talked about shopping for a white slipcovered sofa for my sunroom. I trekked all over the Chicago suburbs plopping my behind into every one I could find. Some were too large, some too hard...some just didn't feel good to sit in. 

Like every other sofa I have owned in my adult life, I ended up buying at Crate & Barrel. Their service and quality are always outstanding and the 'Willow' sofa they offer was everything I was looking for. I have to tell you, the quality of this piece is amazing! I am somewhat of a picky-pants, as my niece calls me, (no idea where she gets these things...) and it passes all my tests.

(don't ask me what that crazy pole is in my yard (you can see it behind the couch). It came with the house and its gotta go!)

It was delivered while I was on vacation...and I have yet to be able to find time to style the room. It is flea market season for me, so I spend my days endlessly painting furniture for other people...but somehow I never get around to doing things for my own home. Funny how that works. 

I thought I would give you a little sneak peek into the room I will be working on this month. 

These shots are not styled. My couch still has the factory-new wrinkles in the slipcover and I have yet to decide on a color scheme for the room. BUT...I have a coffee table I love. One of my very best friends is moving to Florida, and I am the proud new owner of her vintage plank-top coffee table I have been lusting over for 6 years!

It has old white paint...I wish it was a little more worn...but I still love it!

 I have a long way to go...first thing I need to decide on a color scheme. I want the flexibility to change it with the seasons, as I am someone that needs constant change in my decor. 

Then comes the hunting for all the right things to make the room cozy and comfortable. That is the fun part!

Any ideas for me?? 

If this was your all-white room...what color would you use as your summer accent color??

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

kane county flea market - July 2012

I am trying to come up with a phrase to describe this weekend at the flea...


Let's just call it that. 

I didn't have much time to snap pics this month. When the gates opened, it was pure madness. I was turning in circles to help everyone. It was such a great start to what ended up being a very wicked weekend. And it was HOT. Hot, hot, if you saw me Saturday morning, my deepest apologies. By the time I unloaded 2 trucks of furniture, I was a hot mess. Literally. 

While white is still my best seller, I decided to bring a few colorful pieces this month. I miss painting things something other than this fulfilled my need for this show. 

I wish I had 100 of this one, I could have sold each and every one. Such a unique style for a buffet...and I finished it in Provence by Annie Sloan. I love the white primer peeking through.

This is such a cute dresser...reminds me of one Pottery Barn has right now.

This is the sweetest pair of twin beds I have ever painted. Such cute detail...and love those curved footboards!

I have to admit...I kinda thought the Kane County Flea Market this past weekend would be my last. Not because I was going to choose to no longer be a vendor....but because I was going to get blown 3 states away in the wicked storm that popped up. It was soooo scary!

Things were flying through the air like we were in a tornado! We ended up getting on the ground behind a big dresser, fearing were going to be hit by something flying through the air. I have never seen anything like it. 

 I know others have done blog posts about their experience this weekend, so you may have already seen the photos. I cannot tell you how awful I feel for those that were outside vendors during the storm. If they didn't pack up before it hit, they lost everything. I was lucky enough to have a roof over my head, but the building I am in is the Arena Building (where they show animals at the fair), so it is really tall and has no sides. I had a front row seat of the carnage that took place this past weekend. 

It was so sad to see these nice people trying desperately to hold onto the legs of the tents while the 80mph winds whipped through their booth. It just wasn't enough. Totes full of merchandise were flying through the air like pieces of paper. I remember seeing lawn chairs made of logs being whipped around the ground like they were made of toothpicks. 

The water was coming so fast it was spraying out the sides of the U-haul was in a lake after about 3 minutes. 

This is looking out the front of my booth. Looks like a beach, no??

I was just glad to hear everyone was safe. It was a very scary time, and I feel for all those that were devastated financially by this storm. I can't imagine losing everything, and for some...these shows are their way of living. 

I hope all my Chicagoland peeps will come out to the August show and show support to the vendors that work so hard to do what they love!