Monday, February 28, 2011

the fog is finally lifting...and an etsy update!

First, let me start by yelling a big 'ol THANK YOU to all of you wonderful girls that have emailed me well wishes and the "where they heck are you??" sure now how to make a girl feel all warm and fuzzy...

(My husband just read that over my shoulder and said that 'warm and fuzzy' feeling is because I have a fever, and have not attempted to shave my legs in the number of days you are about to read below. Oh, what a comedian he is, I tell ya!)

This is officially day 17 of this 'illness' that has taken over my life.


Anyone else out there had something like this? Starts with the 'flu' diagnosis...transitions into a sinus infection and neither Tamiflu or the SUPER antibiotic they gave me do anything to help. Ugh. I have never been so tired and congested in all my life!

Ok, enough of my complaining. I don't mean to, really. It is more just purely amazing to me that someone can actually be this sick for this long! I mean, seriously...this is just crazy! 

Today I had a few bursts of energy, and it was a WONDERFUL feeling, so thought I would post a few new things in the shop. Thought I would show you a little sample of my latest finds.

I'm ready to crawl under the covers again, so will try to keep this short...and super sweet!

And what could be sweeter than an antique scale with old, chippy pink paint??? It makes me happy every time I look at it!

I guess you could say I *LOVE* it...

Speaking of love...I was excited to see these featured in an article in Coastal Living magazine last month! I love spelling things out, I have little words all over the house.

This nautical looking gem looks like a piece that should be in Coastal Living magazine...right along side those letters I just showed you! Call me, CL...I'll hook you up! Seriously, though...the old gray paint on this lantern is soooo pretty!

I am a girl that loves industrial bits and pieces around my home. I had a hard time letting these lovely little drawers go, but I knew some of you would be willing to adopt them into new, loving homes.

Just promise to love them forever, ok??

This GROCERY sign is a new offering in my Etsy shop...handpainted on a salvaged thick piece of old simple and beautiful. I think it would be fabulous hanging from 2 skinny chains at the top!

And I couldn't let another week go by without listing some more pieces of tarnished silver. I love this stuff...althought my grandma would be so ashamed that I actually display my pieces like this! I *love* the patina, it makes the details pop...*sigh*...maybe I should keep this one. I have never seen another like it.

So there you have it.

One sick girl. Lots of cool Etsy goodies.

I hear my pillow calling me...I'll catch up on all my blog reading tomorrow!

I can't wait to see what you all were up to today!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

awww, THANKS Flea Market Style Mag!

So here is how the scenario played out at my house last night.

Allow me to set the stage for you.

It was about 6:30pm. I am laying on the couching, praying for an end to the head congestion that has some how followed my Influenza diagnosis from last weeked. My head is completly stuffed, I believe it has somehow morphed into a sinus infection at this point. I can only lay on the couch because sitting up makes me dizzy. I am bored and watching a DVR'd episode of "Who Do You Think You Are".

I reach over to check my email on my phone.

I see have one from my friend, Jo of Secret Garden Cottage fame. I click on it and read the first line..."Hey Mary I want to congratulate you on your mention in Flea Market Style Magazine." Of course, in my crazy mind, I immediately think, "Oh, Jo must have emailed the wrong Mary. She couldn't mean me. Silly Jo."

But as I read on...she says her and I are BOTH  mentioned in a category called "If You Swoon Over White" as a blog to follow. Ok, now my mind goes " SAAAAY WHAT?? ME???"...I do love white...maybe it wasn't just in my mind that I said this...I may have kinda sorta screamed it a little, because my dog did that funny head-tilt look thing he does when I say something outrageous and he is trying to figure out whats wrong and if I need medical attention...and my cat gave me that typical "annoyed meow" he does when something is about someone other than him, and  ran off the couch. 

 So I grab the phone and call my sister (she lives right next door, thank goodness!) and I scream into the phone all excited...WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW??? She knows my tone of voice and when she hears me like this, it ususally means there is something fabulous in the neighboor hood trash and we have to go get it RIGHT NOW!

She never fails me, and always gets just as excited right back at me and she says "I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING...WHERE ARE WE GOING??" See....she knows her little sister well.

(And yes, the capital letters are to indicate excitement in our voices. We get a little loud at times. Thats how we roll.)

Now at this point, I am acting as though I had just won the lottery or something...and I say "WE HAVE TO GO TO THE STORE RIGHT NOW! SOMEONE JUST TOLD ME MY BLOG IS MENTIONED IN FLEA MARKET STYLE MAGAZINE!"

She screams! I scream!

So in the pouring rain, and with a stuffed head, I back the car out, go next door to pick her up...and away we go.

We try the grocery store. Nada.

Next we go to Walgreens. Zip.

Next up...CVS. And they came through for us!! Thank you, CVS! We grab it like it is made of gold, turn to page 27 and there I am. Little 'ol me mentioned on just one teeny little line under the "If You Swoon Over White" category, just like Jo said.

And right between Rie from Home & Harmony and Jo from Secret Garden Cottage. Could I be in better company??? I don't think so! I *love* both of these fabulous girls!

I realize it was just a teeny tiny little mention of my blog. But it made me smile. Because I don't consider myself a "great blogger" and I sometimes wonder what in the world you fabulous girls find so interesting over here in the land of Urban Farmgirl. I am just a simple girl that likes simple things. Pretty things. Old things. And you couldn't be more right, Flea Market Style magazine...I do swoon over white!

Thank you for making this sick girl have a really fun night!

And congratulations to all the girls listed on pages 26 & 27 in the article "Its Ok To Be A Blog Follower". I am truly honored to have my name in just good company. I am not sure how it happened, but I am beyond humbled that it did.

Oh, and just because I am about to burst with even more over-the-top excitement...stay tuned...I have another little announcement coming in a week or two! This one made the whole neighborhood hear my sister and I squeal with anticipation and delight! (Yes, they all do think we are totally insane, but in a good way. I hope.)

Happy Tuesday, girls!

 I am off to photograph my weekend finds for an Etsy update! It was a fantastic shopping weekend, so be sure to check back tonight to see what goodies I found!

Friday, February 18, 2011

tap, tap, this thing on??

We have entered day #7 of this wicked flu.


That's all I can say.

It feels like it has been 7 weeks more than 7 days. I have missed reading all your posts and even getting a few planned ones up of my own.


I guess there is always next week.

In between nap, pills and kleenex...I am trying to be productive.

I've gone through stacks of old idea really what I put in that 'shred' pile. I hope when I sit down with my accountant I find cleaning my office in a Tamiflu haze wasn't a terrible idea. I have finally decided on the "feel" I want my home office to have when I give it a little facelift in a few weeks. Simple, bright and happy.

My plan involves this rug...or something similar. I am dying to know if anyone out there has seen on like it? I have tried to source it through Coast Living, but no luck yet.

The second thing I am looking for is a chaise with a white slipcover. My first thought of course was Ikea, and I *LOVE* this one, but can't help but wonder if it would be cozier with arms?? This is going to be a curl up and read a magazine...maybe watch a little TV kinda chaise. I just wish it had arms...hmmm...thoughts? Does anyone out there have this one? It is part of the Ektorp collection, and I know many of you have their sofas.

I did find that Ikea offers a one-arm version. It just seems maybe a little awkward? On one hand I like it, and think a small pillow or two would be cute propped on the arm side, but then when I look at it longer, it just looks like it belongs at the end of a sectional. I was surprised when I called the Ikea near me and she said it is quite popular just as a chaise.

I would love to hear your opinion girls, so lets have it!

I am going to attempt to venture out of the house today, so wish me luck! I am experiencing thrift-store withdrawls and it is killing me to wonder what I am missing! Tomorrow I am gearing up for an all-day photo session at my warehouse with some of my painted furniture. I hope I have the energy to make it!

Happy Weekend, girls!

I hope where ever you are, it is going to be a beautiful one! Its going to be 47 here, and that is a heat wave! I will take all the sunshine I can get!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy cupcake day...

Ummm...I meant Happy Valentine's Day!

You will have to forgive me. I am down with the worst flu of my life, so my brain is not functioning quite right. I blame it on the Tamiflu but maybe the 27 hours of straight sleep and fever have something to do with it.

The hubs got up extra early this morning to make me cupcakes. What is it about a cupcake, anyway?? I enjoy them so much more than a piece of cake. It must be their extra bit of cuteness. He made chocolate ones with pink frosting and red sprinkles that he bought all by himself. I was so proud.

*sigh...I love that man*

I did attempt to eat one, I wish I was feeling better so I could have enjoyed it more, but the gesture was so sweet. I am not feeling very creative today, so I am leaving you with the most beautiful cupcake inspiration I have ever seen...courtsey of one of my favorite websites, Style Me Pretty.

They had a feature today on Enjoy Cupcakes, which caters cupcakes for your special occasion. Anytime someone wants to surprise me by having this cute little trailer show up in my backyard...I will not mind one bit.

Wishing you a day filled with happiness and love...and cupcakes!

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow or Wednesday if I can shake this flu! I have a little guest room update and I want to show you, and an Etsy update with lots of painted furniture that is ready to ship!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

etsy inspired project...and a shop update!

One of the best things I have ever done is start selling my smaller treasures on the past I have sold my painted furntiure, but in December I decided to open up a new Etsy shop...share the love and offer some of the smaller things I find. Oh my gosh, has it been a whirlwind! I cannot thank you girls enough for all of your support. It has been so much fun!

Actually...let me be honest...I am thanking you for giving me a reason to keep up my junking addiction! I was slightly afraid that since I loved to go to auctions, estate sales and yard sales so much I was going to end up as a subject on have saved me. So I thank you. And my hubs thanks you, too


When I am wrapping and labeling packages, I often wonder where they will end up...who is giving this little piece of history I found a new home. One day I decided to add a little "P.S let me know what you are going to do with these" note at the bottom of my thank you card to a customer. It was the first time I have done that, and I didn't think I would actually hear back from her.

But, Lauren from Our Hiding Place, surprised me the other day...and sent me a link to a post on her blog where she showed me what she did with the vintage envelopes she purchased from my Etsy shop.

Isn't it just so stinkin' cute??

She was inspired by something she saw in Pottery Barn's catalog...

But decided to put her own spin on it...and found my vintage envelopes...

she strung them on a little jute twine...used a few clothespins...

and she had a simple and beautiful bunting above the bed!

I love this Lauren, thanks for sharing! Hmmm...maybe I should save some of those envelopes for myself!

Take a minute to visit Lauren's blog..she is a newlywed and her and her husband are decorating their first home by the sea...and she has done some beautiful things!

I have a long list of things to add to the shop check back for an update! I am finally listing a basket with chippy aqua paint, an old wooden toolbox tote, more antique keys and bottles and maybe a piece of furniture or two! Lots of other things, but that is all my tired brain can think of at the moment!

Happy Thursday, girls!

Monday, February 7, 2011

giveaway winners!!

I love Sundays.

Yesterday was one of the best! I traveled to my sister's farm...
spent the day cuddling and kissing the new little one..
and having a crazy amount of fun with her 3 older siblings!

It was loud.
It was chaos.
It was so much fun!!

While I was there I had a couple of the kiddos help me draw the names of the winners for the "weight" and
"boy/girl" portions of my giveaway.

So lets get right to it, shall we?? I need a day of rest after all that excitement!

We had a 6-way tie for the winner of the "weight" portion of the contest...
so I had my handsome nephew Anthony draw a name for the winner!

Congratulations, Sandy from A Cottage Muse!
You won the $25 Target gift card

(Oh, and just so you know we used the most official method of drawing the winners names. We cut out all the comments that were correct or from those that blogged about my giveaway, folded them up and drew one from the extra-special, VERY official pink sequined, glitter case my niece Erin covets. Oh, and yes...she insisted on busting out her halloween cat ears for the special event? We all need to get a little crazy once in a while, right?)

Drumroll please................

The winner of the $50 Target gift card for correctly guessing the baby was going to be a GIRL goes to.......


Email me girls, so I can get your prizes on their way!

Oh, and just in case a few of you need your baby fix for the day....

Happy Monday, girls!

Friday, February 4, 2011


We have a new FARMGIRL in the family!

Miss Brooke Ellie came bouncing into the world Wednesday

at 12:43 pm and she weighed 7 lbs. 2 ounces

These pics were sent to me on my phone, so they are not the best...but I couldn't wait to show her to you!

I can't wait until Sunday...I will get to hold her for the very first time!

I want to smell the Johnson's baby bath...
hear all those little sounds she makes...
even her cry will make me happy!

 Just to know she is here and healthy!


I love babies.

Ok, now onto the winners of the CONTEST!!!


The winner of a $25 TARGET gift card for guessing the closest time of arrival is:

She guessed was only off by 1 minute!

And I can't believe there were 5 of you that guessed her weight right on! So, that means we have a tie among:


My 6-year old niece, the NEW big sister, is excited to have been given the job of  drawing the winners names at random for the weight and boy/girl part of the contest!

I will announce those Monday morning!!!

Have a great weekend, girls!

I am off to photograph my progess on the Urban Plains guest room project!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a NEW BABY!...and a $100 TARGET gift card GIVEAWAY!

I am giddy with excitement!

I have a new niece or nephew coming today!!

This is #22 for me. Yes, you read that right...I already have 21 nieces and nephews!

My sis is checked into the hospital bright and early this morning so she could be induced to give birth to baby #4!

I am so sad we are in the middle of getting whopped with the biggest snow storm of the year right now, and I don't think I am going to be able to make the 2 hour drive to be there for the happy event. That makes me so sad! I know this is her last baby, and I have been there for all of them, so I am upset I won't be there when this gorgeous baby makes its debut into the world!

But, I have decided to turn my blues around and make this a happy day for all of us!

I'm going to have a


Ok, here is what you gotta do...

Just leave me a comment telling me...

1. Is it going to be a boy or girl??
2. What time will the baby be born??
3. How much will the baby weigh??
4. Mention my contest on your blog, and I will enter you again in the Boy/Girl category...even if your guess isn't right! Just leave me a separate comment, so I know you did it!

Here is a button, if you would like to use it!

Whoever is right on "TARGET" or comes the closest on the weight or the time...will win a $25 TARGET GIFT CARD!
(there will be a winner for each, time and weight)

I will ramdomly draw the winner from the correct Boy/Girl entries for a $50 TARGET GIFT CARD!

(Contest will close at Midnight Central Time, Thursday Feb 3rd, winners will be announced on Friday morning!)


I can't wait to show you pics of the new bundle of joy!