Monday, February 28, 2011

the fog is finally lifting...and an etsy update!

First, let me start by yelling a big 'ol THANK YOU to all of you wonderful girls that have emailed me well wishes and the "where they heck are you??" sure now how to make a girl feel all warm and fuzzy...

(My husband just read that over my shoulder and said that 'warm and fuzzy' feeling is because I have a fever, and have not attempted to shave my legs in the number of days you are about to read below. Oh, what a comedian he is, I tell ya!)

This is officially day 17 of this 'illness' that has taken over my life.


Anyone else out there had something like this? Starts with the 'flu' diagnosis...transitions into a sinus infection and neither Tamiflu or the SUPER antibiotic they gave me do anything to help. Ugh. I have never been so tired and congested in all my life!

Ok, enough of my complaining. I don't mean to, really. It is more just purely amazing to me that someone can actually be this sick for this long! I mean, seriously...this is just crazy! 

Today I had a few bursts of energy, and it was a WONDERFUL feeling, so thought I would post a few new things in the shop. Thought I would show you a little sample of my latest finds.

I'm ready to crawl under the covers again, so will try to keep this short...and super sweet!

And what could be sweeter than an antique scale with old, chippy pink paint??? It makes me happy every time I look at it!

I guess you could say I *LOVE* it...

Speaking of love...I was excited to see these featured in an article in Coastal Living magazine last month! I love spelling things out, I have little words all over the house.

This nautical looking gem looks like a piece that should be in Coastal Living magazine...right along side those letters I just showed you! Call me, CL...I'll hook you up! Seriously, though...the old gray paint on this lantern is soooo pretty!

I am a girl that loves industrial bits and pieces around my home. I had a hard time letting these lovely little drawers go, but I knew some of you would be willing to adopt them into new, loving homes.

Just promise to love them forever, ok??

This GROCERY sign is a new offering in my Etsy shop...handpainted on a salvaged thick piece of old simple and beautiful. I think it would be fabulous hanging from 2 skinny chains at the top!

And I couldn't let another week go by without listing some more pieces of tarnished silver. I love this stuff...althought my grandma would be so ashamed that I actually display my pieces like this! I *love* the patina, it makes the details pop...*sigh*...maybe I should keep this one. I have never seen another like it.

So there you have it.

One sick girl. Lots of cool Etsy goodies.

I hear my pillow calling me...I'll catch up on all my blog reading tomorrow!

I can't wait to see what you all were up to today!