Thursday, December 20, 2012

IPad GIVEAWAY from FOLK MAGAZINE! this thing on??

It has been a little while, hasn't it? 

Well today I am in and out of power, so I had to bring this blog post to you before it flickers off again! I have some fun more ways than one! First off, I am excited to tell you I have been given the job of my dreams! {Besides vintage shop owner, that is!} I have been hired to be the official 'pinner' for Folk Magazine. Can you imagine? I am so proud to be matched with a publication that believes in so many of the same things I do! And to get to share my love of Pinterest and all things useful and beautiful - well thats just a BONUS! 

Urban Farmgirl & Folk share so many of the same beliefs and hopes for the American way of living. And the eye candy that can be found between the pages...nothing short of amazing!! That is why it is one of my very favorite magazines out there. It is packed with ideas, recipes and focus on keeping the small business dream alive! 

Now onto the really exciting part of this post....did you know 
Folk is giving away an iPad??? 
Thats right, if you pop over to Pinterest via this link, and repin the image for the giveaway, your name will be entered. Easy peasy, right!!? 

AND if you purchase a new subscription {for you or a gift} or extend your current one, your name will be entered a SECOND time into the drawing! You get a gorgeous magazine in your mailbox AND an extra entry to win the iPad! How awesome is that?! 

The subscription is for a FULL YEAR {6 issues} and is only $5.00! I just bought one for each of my sisters and sisters-in-law! Consider the Christmas shopping done in this house!

Ok, remember...go here to PIN...and go here if you want to SUBSCRIBE for a second entry!

Good luck to you, and I hope to see you following along as I pin for Folk

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

pics from around the shop...


That is the first word I can think of to describe how the grand opening of my little shop went last Thursday. As I have been reflecting back over the last few days I am still stunned at the crowd that came out all three days to support me and my adventure! I will never be able to express how grateful I am to each and every one of you that either sent my supportive words through email or came in to say 'hello' last weekend.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I was so lucky to have Traci on hand to take photos for me...I didn't have a chance to get a single photo all weekend!

Here we are right before I opened the door...

....and then then just a few moments later...

It was like that pretty much all night! I was advertised to close at 9...but couldn't shut the doors until 11! 

And for all of you that have emailed and left comments - YES! Urban Farmgirl T-shirts will be for sale online, too! $25 includes shipping! Email me if you would like one!

It was such a wonderful weekend! I opened the door with a shop full of vintage goodies...and shut the lights of Saturday night to a shop picked clean with the tables almost bare. I am gearing up for the next opening...the shop will be full of new goods! Hope you will be able to stop by!

Shop address:
2202 Rural St. 
Rockford, IL  61107

December Open Dates:
December 12th - 3-9 
(it's a Christmas open house, so come for treats and giveaways!)

December 13th - 10-6
December 14th - 10-4
December 15th - 10-4

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

today is the day!

I cannot believe it is finally here. It feels like Christmas morning. 

Today is the day my little shop opens for business!

 I am excited yet nervous to see what will come to be after tonight. The shop is stacked and displayed...vintage goods at every turn. At 5:00 I will unlock the doors and hope there will be girls on the other side, ready to laugh, eat a few cupcakes and maybe even shop a little. 

I am excited to have a few of my favorite people along on my little adventure. When the idea of this shop first came to be, I knew immediately I wanted to support other girls that love what I love. I didn't want to fill my shelves with things I just ordered from a catalog and were shipped in from who knows where. I wanted to support those that have always supported me. Girls that love their craft. Love vintage. Fellow bloggers, local artists and etsy shop owners were at the top of my list. 

You may recognize some of these amazing women...and if you are coming tonight, I hope you will support them as well. 

I will do a little feature on them one by one...but if you are local...stop in say 'Hi' to some of them in person. Stacey, Traci and Mona will be at the shop tonight along with one of my favorite friends and bloggers, Susan from Maple & Magnolia

I better run. Lots to do before 5:00. I hope to see lots of smiling faces tonight! And remember, if you can't make it tonight...I am open Friday & Saturday from 10-4!

Want a little sneak peek of the shop today? You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram under 'urbanfarmgirlandco'. I will post a few photos from around the shop as I am working away today!

Monday, November 12, 2012

your 'shop' questions...answered!

Happy Monday, everyone! I have a full day of furniture painting today, but I wanted to take a minute to answer a few questions that I have been getting regarding my new shop adventure! Thank you SO MUCH for all the sweet emails, comments and messages through Facebook you have sent since I posted my grand opening announcement! You have no idea how much it means to hear you support me and my crazy ideas!

So...on with the show. Your most common questions...answered.  

What will your hours be at the shop?

The shop will be open at least 2 weekends a month. It will not be an every-day-open kind of shop. The reason for this is two-fold. One, I want to be able to offer a new shopping experience each and every time I open the doors. New merchandise, new keep it interesting and fun! The second reason is just pure logistics. My thrill is in the hunt. There is nothing I love more than being on the road and finding all the goodies I have to offer you...and I need time to get all the furniture painted! 

However, I live just a few minutes from my shop, so anytime you want to stop in you are welcome to call and I will be happy to run over and unlock the doors! 

My hours may change in the future, and I may be open more...but right now it will be 2 weekends a month...Thursdays from 10-6, Friday & Saturday 10-4. Watch my blog and Facebook for dates. I will post them 2 months in advance. 

What is the address of the shop?

2202 Rural Street in Rockford, IL

Will you still be a vendor at the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, IL?

YES!! This will be my 7th summer at the flea...and I wouldn't miss it! You will still find me in the same location I have always been in. I will be back each month starting in May, and October is my last show of the season.

Will you be selling your painted furniture at the shop?

Of course! When I go to the flea in St. Charles, my painted furniture is all I bring. I have been talking a lot about the vintage goods I will be selling at the shop, but I will have painted furniture too. Dressers, nightstands, hutches, cabinets, desks....if it is made of wood and stands still long enough, I will paint it!

Will you still have your Etsy shop open now that you have a brick-and-mortar shop??

YES!! I {LOVE} Etsy! And I love my Etsy customers! I still want to be able to reach everyone, no matter where they are geographically located. Look for my Etsy shop to open again for the season right after December 1st! It will pop up on my sidebar when it is up and running again!

Can I sneak in to shop prior to the store opening on Nov. 29th?

I am getting this question a lot! And you have no idea how grateful I am to hear you are excited to see what is happening at Urban Farmgirl! (I hear from the neighbors I have have seen several 'peepers' in the shop windows since the grand opening was announced on my blog last week. Haha!) As much as I would LOVE to open earlier, I need some time to whip this little shop into shape. I need to make it pretty for that first day I open those doors! As much as I would love to sneak you in with a 'backstage pass', but I really need to focus on moving in right now. Hopefully you understand. There is so much work to be done!!

You mentioned you are carrying handmade good from fellow bloggers in the shop. Who are they?

I have several of my fellow bloggers that will have their handmade goods sprinkled around the shop. One of my main goals with this shop was to help support these lovely ladies and their work. I want to support other small businesses, too! I will be doing a post of each and every one of them, as I am SO HAPPY to have them come along for my little adventure! You know them all well, and I am happy to be able to make their goods accessible to my local peeps!

What sort of things will you have in the shop?

Well, that is one thing about me...I love everything! You will find a little bit of everything including ironstone, old silver, wood crates, wire baskets, chippy furniture, painted furniture, old clocks, vintage milk bottles, chandeliers...just about any kind of vintage decor you can imagine. There will also be artisan jewelry, handmade soaps and lots of painted wood signs. Oh, and more vintage cameras than you have ever seen in one place. {I unpacked those yesterday...and couldn't believe how many I have!}

I hope I have touched on the most common questions you have been sending me...if I missed something please don't hesitate to ask! Hope to see you at the shop on the 29th! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

GRAND OPENING of Urban Farmgirl - the shop!

I have been painting furniture, hunting for amazing vintage finds and working up all the magic I can to pull it all together...all in preparation for the most important dates in my little shop's history. The grand opening weekend!

  Thursday night will be special - the very first shopping night - full of food, fun and giveaways! I do hope you can join us!

In addition to featuring my painted furniture, there shop will be loaded with my favorite vintage finds as well as the work of some of my very favorite bloggers. You will find the most amazing handcrafted jewelry, photography and home goods from around blogland! I am so very honored to have the opportunity to support these incredible women and their craft! 

I have received so many wonderful emails from girls traveling from afar...and from those right here in my hometown that are making the trek to my little shop's debut. I can't wait to put a face with the names I have known for so long and to make new friends right here in my own town! 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the wonderful emails, Facebook & blog comments I have received from every one of you in support of my new adventure. I means more than you will ever know! Whenever I feel moments of doubt or nervousness about what I am doing, I just think of those and it make me confident that this little shop is going to feel the love! 

Hope to see you all on November 29th!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

just do it...

I look forward to this day every 4 years. There is something so special about walking into that little booth and pulling the curtain behind me. I scan the page, then fill in the circles next to the names that I think will serve my country the best. 

I walk away knowing I did MY part. 

I hope you will do yours, too. 

Happy Voting, everyone!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


Wishing everyone a safe and happy night! 

Tonight, I will be at my new shop handing out candy to the little ones...

My mom is coming to town to help get the shop ready...we will be unpacking boxes all night, so we figured we would share some treats with the kiddos in the neighborhood while we are there!

{both photos via my Pinterest board 'autumn'}

If you are local, we would love to see you! 

2202 Rural Street
(At the corner of Rural St. & Rome Ave.)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Urban Farmgirl - a brick-and-mortar SHOP!!!

Last night I had a life changing moment. 

I signed on the dotted line...and now I am proud to say I am OFFICIALLY a shopkeeper. 

Urban Farmgirl will soon be it's own little shop in Rockford, IL!

I didn't seek out this shop...I feel in a way the shop has found me. There was a chain of random events that led me here, all starting with a conversation between a mail lady that knew of my work and a building owner looking for a tenant. Proof that relationships with everyone you meet are more important than you can ever imagine. You never know when that one little moment is going to lead you down a new path...

I am such a lucky girl...I get to be a caretaker of a lovely old building. It looks a little 'woody' right now...but it is going to be incredible, I promise! Those walls are awesome...they are 100 year old beadboard. They have had the old paint sandblasted off...yet bits of chippy paint still remain in the cracks. The floors are salvaged from a turn of century factory here in my town. I love this building. Every fiber of my being tells me  I was meant to be here. That this is my place. My shop. Of all the places I could have handpicked to represent me, and Urban Farmgirl...I could never have found something more perfect if I had set out and tried. 

I am super excited...but yet nervous. So many thoughts are running through my head. Will my town support me? Will they like what I have to offer them? Will I be able to survive? 

Time will tell. I work hard. I love what I do. I have faith that it is all going to be ok. 

Today I have so much work to do...but I promise to keep give you more details soon!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

creatively made home...STARTS MONDAY!!

Last call to get your registrations in for this incredible e-course, girls!!

Monday all the fun begins!

 The 5 lovely ladies shown above have put together an amazing line-up of videos, Q&A sessions, recipes, photos and a private Facebook group so you can connect with other people take the course!

You've seen their blogs...these girls KNOW what they are talking about. They have good advice on all things home. I don't know about you, but I get a little flustered when I know the Holidays are coming. I want my home to look cozy and inviting, yet fresh and put-together. Such pressure, don't you think? Well, I for one, am hoping for a new perspective on my home with this course. I just want to take the pressure off and ENJOY!

I am focusing on my home office and guest bedroom this month...I am switching rooms and giving each a new look! I am so excited to get inspired and get to work!

Here is a little run-down of all the goodies you can expect from this course...

* Each week you will have amazing truthful videos from not only the five teachers but other creative women.
* Each week we will take a room from one of YOU and all five women will give their suggestions telling you how they would transform the room with their style.
There will be 50+ project videos.
These will be incredible videos that include everything from gardening, cooking, gift giving and decorating.
* There will be written tips from each woman telling you how she starts a room, picks paint, fabrics, etc.  You will learn where to start when putting your own home together.
* Tons of beautiful house photos from each of the five women.
* Videos that truly reflect what life is like in each of their homes.  The stuff that life is really about.  
* Each woman will share their own truthful journey about how they started making their home a reflection of their hearts.
Each person registered will get an easy entertaining e-book to download.
It will contain go to recipes for beautiful and easy entertaining (they do go together), photos of table settings that take the stress out of having people over, favorite drinks and so much more (and their funniest entertaining story).
* There will be a private Facebook group to connect with other class members.
* There will be a once a week live discussion with one of the teachers!
* You will get printables and pdfs to keep and use again and again.

Class begins October 22nd
Registration is now open
The price is $58 for all 5 weeks

Want in on the fun?? I am already registered, so hope you will be, too! 
Click the button below to go to Jen's blog and register..

 Come on! You know you want to!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

amazing VINTAGE SHOPPING this weekend!!

If you live in the area...clear your calendar, girls!

There are 3 good places to shop for vintage goodies this weekend!

Susan from Maple & Magnolia is having her 'Cottage Sale' on Saturday...this is a don't miss event. She has cleaned and purged every room in her home, guest house and garage. Email her at for an invite & directions. Her blog has lots of preview photos, too! 

{And yes, she is selling this dining table, those awesome metal chairs and loads of ironstone!}

Tattered Tiques in Lake Barrington, IL is open this weekend, too!! (their shop and Susan's house are only about 2 minutes from each other so you can hit BOTH!) Sooooo much good stuff here, let me tell you first hand. Industrial goodies, farmhouse wares and painted furniture, too!

The shop is open today, Friday and Saturday from 10-3.

They carry Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


the newly released Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint!!
{used on the chest below...such a cool, chippy look!}

Also, the Nada Farm Sale is this weekend in Esmond, IL! 

There is a loooong list of amazing vendors in the line up this year! Click over to Anne Marie's blog for a list and a map of the layout. Amazing shopping having so many great girls at one sale!

There you have it. One weekend. 3 awesome places to shop for vintage goodness. 

 I just may see you there!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

passing time on Pinterest...

As some of you know...I have a love for Pinterest. Somehow over 37,000 of you have discovered this. {Which totally cracks me up! Where the heck did all you Pinterest stalkers followers come from?? Well, glad you love what I love. Happy to have you following along! Now, if only I could channel this into my blog. Hee...hee!}

I am a girl that find inspiration everywhere I go. The wheels are constantly turning in my head, and I just can't seem to shut it off. This is where my love affair with my iPhone and Pinterest comes in. 

For example:

I was in line at the grocery store when I came across Melaine's tutorial on how to paint a 'chalkboard' sign on your wall...I mean seriously?? Does this woman ever sleep? She constantly comes up with the most amazing things for her home. Love her. And love her ambition. 

I was waiting for my tank to fill at the gas station when I found this idea for polaroid coasters. Again...fantastic idea! These are not my mama's cork coasters from long ago. These are super-cute, conversation-starting, memories-on-display-in-a-cool-way kind of coasters. I WILL be making this one snowy day this winter. 

Long line at Barnes & Noble??...well...I better see whats happening in Pinterestland. 

That is when I came across Jill and her genius bookcase idea. Beautiful slat-backed bookcases made possible with...are you ready for this....3M tape??? I mean really, how AWESOME is that? Love Jill. She has amazing style, and to know she pulls it off on a her even more. 

Another snowy-day project. Check.  

Now my Pinterest love runs deeper than just project inspiration...I just love pretty things. 

Waiting at the DMV I found this lovely photo...

Cool old bike + fall leaves on the ground = I am totally sucked in and will TOTALLY repin you. 

It made the whole DMV 'experience' more enjoyable, I have to say!

Another of my favs? Words. Words that make me think...long after I have put the phone back in my purse after leaving the waiting room at the doctor's office. Or is to distract me while I am there?? Either way, it works. 

(all photos can be found via my Pinterest boards

I have had a few people tell me they just don't get the point of Pinterest. To each his own, I say. But for brings a little 'pretty' into my day when I am doing things that are quite the opposite. 

{Happy Wednesday, girls!} 

Monday, October 15, 2012

maple & magnolia SALE PREVIEW

Just in case some of you missed my post the other day, I wanted to remind you that Susan from Maple & Magnolia is having her sale this week!! 

NOTE: Due to possible bad weather, the date has changed to:
 this coming SATURDAY October 20th, from 9-1. 

She announced today she is PRESELLING a few of her larger items, so if you see something you want  click over to her blog for pricing and email her right away! Everything must be picked up at the sale on Saturday.

Her surveyors cabinet...which is beyond words. Soooo cool!

Her AMAZING work table, which I have coveted for some time now...

A HUGE card catalog...

Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue sideboard...gorgeous!

An antique watchamaker's cabinet...imagine all the things you could put in those drawers!! I {heart} organization!

An incredible double-sided insurance sign...totally original in all its awesomeness!

And finally...her Glen Oaks Inn sign which came from a hotel in New Hampshire. LOVE it!

Good luck girls, let your fingers fly across that keyboard so you can get your name in if you want one of these beauties!!

I am off to work on a little project I have going on this week...I hope to be posting about it by Friday! 

Happy Monday!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

chicago area SALE OF THE CENTURY

I am still suffering from heart palpations, but I think I can get through this post. 

My girl Susan, from Maple & Magnolia fame is HAVING A SALE!!!

Do you know what this means, my Chicago peeps?? Good stuff. REALLY, REALLY good stuff is on the chopping block!

Everything from new to old, vintage to Pottery Barn will be at her sale. Stuff from HomeGoods, Target, Ralph Lauren, repurposed get the idea. 

I have been in her house. Her guest house. Her garage. And let me tell you first hand....this is going to be a GOOD one. 

Would it be weird if I set up a tent in her ditch so I could be the first in line on Friday morning??

Need more enticing? Check Susan's blog often. She will be posting preview photos leading up to the sale. 

To be sent an invitation please send an email to with 'sale' in the subject line. (And tell her the Farmgirl says Hi!) Invitations containing the address, map and details will go out via email early next week. 

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

kane county flea this weekend!

It is going to be an BEAUTIFUL fall weekend here in Illinois! A little nip in the air...I can't wait for the flea - are you coming out to shop? I missed last month...the first time in 6 years...but my Dad was so ill, I just had to be with him. I had a friend run the booth for me, but I missed seeing and talking to everyone!

For those of you that have shopped my space I want you I will be there, but the selection will be small this month. So much went on last month, and I have been out of town basically the whole month helping my mom adjust to her new life, I just didn't have time to get as much done as usual. 

I will have a few chalkboards...

And a cabinet that would be PERFECT for under a flat screen...or as a buffet...or a changing table...

A couple of pieces with some cute details...

And a china cabinet that is so much better in person...pale gray beadboard & chippy white chicken wire...

Of course I will have a ton of frames...

all shapes, sizes and colors!

Hope to see you there!

Oh, and just for fun if you hop over to Susan's blog today, Maple & Magnolia, you can see a piece of my painted furniture in action. I love it when I see how they fit in at their new homes! 

Happy Thursday girls, I am off to load a truck!

Hope to see you this weekend!