Monday, March 28, 2011

minnesota roadtrip finds...

Whew! What a weekend it was!

I had 2 whirlwind days of driving...junking...singing...and I loved every single minute of it!

To me, there is something soothing to the soul to get in the car and take a roadtrip. I stopped off in some great little towns to see what goodies I could find for Etsy...and of course found a few things for me, too.

From my last post, we all know by now the highlight of my trip was getting to spend the evening with Mr. Kenny Chesney...he rocked our socks off! It was some serious fun, and I can't wait to see him again in May! I was hoping to meet up with Jill at the concert, but my running late because of traffic combined with Kenny deciding to play an hour and a half longer than just didn't work out. That made me sad, because too soon she will be off to Portland.

*sigh*...there is just never enough time...

I had some great finds this weekend. I will be loading the Etsy store throughout the week, but I wanted to show you some "big" things that caught my fancy, too! I used my old point-and-shoot camera this weekend, so my apologies for my pics not being the best. But still, there was some gorgeous eye candy along the road and I just had to show you!

First up, an antique European armoire that I fell in *LOVE* with. The price was unbelievable! I am seriously thinking about going back up and buying this old girl for my dining room.

I have always had a love for old, raw pine wood. It reminds me of driftwood.

This is another piece that made me freak out a little...look at all those drawers!! It was a seed cabinet back in the day. I saw one recently at an antique mall for $3500. This beauty was just $400...kicking myself already for not buying it for my studio space.

 * sigh *

I am seriously considering this old factory table for my kitchen island. I am crazy about the galvanized legs..and the top is solid wood butcher block. I am not sure if old wood is a good choice for a kitchen top. I am going to do a little research and see if I can clean and seal it somehow, yet retain the natural look.

I just thought this chandi was so cute! I would lose the shades, but I love the simplicity and the touch of aqua.

I went to a architectural salvage store and as ususal got lost in the "door room" for quite a while. I have a thing for old doors...and this one caught my eye. Wouldn't it be fabulous on a barn door track??

No words needed here...all those baskets will speak for me.

And lastly...another cabinet just calling my name.

I came home and the first thing I told me husband was...

"We are moving. I need a bigger house."

And in a style all his own, my big, strapping hunk of husband simply said...


Love that man.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I am off to work on my guest room a little today. It has been a long time coming, but I hope to be able to share some exciting news on what has been going on with the Urban Plains Project! I am about to bust with excitement!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

minnesota or bust!...and a little contest, too!

As I sit and type this, I am 9.5 hours away from my Minnesota roadtrip!

I just want to get on the road...I can't wait!

I was born with wanderlust running through my veins. I totally blame and thank my parents for this affliction. Growing up, Mom and Dad would pile all 8 kids (plus my Dad's "little brother" from the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, he was like the 9th child in our family) and head out to places unknown. I have such vivid memories of going down backroads in our huge Ford search of history, nature, adventure...any and all of agenda or plans...just to see where life would take us.

I still take trips like that, and I love every minute of it.

But this time, I do have an agenda.

I have a date.

With a man.

And don't worry, the hubs knows all about it. He lets me have a date with this man about 4 times a year.

Before this gets sounding too weird, here is a hint...

Anyone recognize him??

If you can look at that photo and know who I am talking about simply
by the jeans and rippling back muscles we are destined to be best friends, so call me ok?

I know the photo, is a little dark...I took it when we had our "date" last year. my hubs just rolls his eyes when I come home from these outings with photos like this as the screensaver on my phone. Hee...hee!

He has a voice that makes me all swoony.

And those jeans aren't so bad either....


Tomorrow night he is going to put those tight jeans on and sing to me. Yes, me. Ok, ok, so there are going to be 27,999 other people in the room. Details...details...I won't even notice, and I am sure he won't either. Or at least that is what I am telling myself. 

 Tomorrow night is my moment to be totally shallow. And silly. And school-girl like. 

I work hard the other 364 days of the year. I deserve a little silliness now and then, don't you think??

Oh, and if you happen to be one of those 27,999 people that are crashing my "private concert" and are maybe looking for me afterwards...I will be in the back lot trying to sneak onto a tour bus in hopes of living the rest of my life on an island in the Caribbean.

But, should I get caught...and booted off said bus, Saturday you can find me flitting all around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area shopping and packing my car with vintage goodness.

And maybe stuffing myself with a few of those cupcakes I mentioned the other day.

Anyone want to follow along on my little roadtrip adventure??

There are a few secret places along the way in Wisconsin I ALWAYS stop at because I know they hide the best "junk" in those little towns! Follow along and I will give you a little preview and show you some of my favorite places to shop as I head North! I can't wait to see what I can come home with.

Unfortunately, I doubt it will be the man in the tight jeans I referred to in photo #1.

By now, you've gotta know who I am talking about...but just to make it fun...take a guess and leave me a comment telling me who.
. When I get back, I will pick a winner from the correct guesses and you will win a little somethin' somethin' I picked up on my trip!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, girls!

I know I will!

* wink...wink... *

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am humbled...

I am humbled. 

 As I sit here trying to find the words to type in this post, I can truly feel the love that has traveled from the beautiful state of Texas...all the way to the tip top of the state of Illinois. And it is all thanks to one of the most incredible girls I have ever friend, Anne from Fiona & Twig.

She knows how much I love her farmhouse...with its white clapboard siding and the cutest porch I have ever seen. I have told her to beware, because I am a girl that is known for a spur-of-the moment roadtrip...

...and one day she may come home to find me sipping lemonade and sitting in her porch swing.

 Can you blame me?...have you ever seen a cuter porch or swing in all your life??


(above photos courtsey of Fiona & Twig)

Isn't it amazing and crazy all at the same time how blogging has brought people together that would normally never have met in their 'real' life?? I think about that a lot. How there are a so many of you I think about throught my day. It is incredible, really that I could find so many friends without ever actaully meeting in person.  People that, due to geography, I never in a million years would have crossed paths with had I not hit that "post" button for the very first time.

Today Anne made my day. She truly did. She took my little blog and shared it with her world. Now, if only I was as fabulous as her wonderful post made me sound!

 From the bottom of my heart I am sending Anne a big hug and a huge thank you for making me her "blog of the month" over at Fiona & Twig.

Speaking of friends...I just have to mention this today. Have you seen the INCREDIBLE clock Andrea whipped up over at Faded Plains??

(photo courtsey of Faded Plains)

I am seriously in love with it...and she's showing you how you can make one, too...for only $27.94!! Can you believe that? She is so amazing. Her tutorial is simple so if you have swooned over Maria's gorgeous clock like I have, get over to Andrea's blog and check it out!

I am off to photograph some amazing finds for the shop! This seems to be the week of old metal signs, lots of old paper with a little ironstone and wood thrown into the mix! I was junking my way through rural Wisconsin recently, so have some goodies to share! Be sure to stop by tonight and see whats new!

The countdown is on....less than 2 days before I am Minnesota bound for another roadtrip!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

if you need me today I'll be here...

Mentally, that is.

Isn't this Lake Michigan beach house fantastic??!


I just thought you might like to get lost in dream land with me for the next 15 photos.

No words needed.


(all photos via Country Living)

Now wasn't that a great way to start your day??

Happy Tuesday, girls!

Monday, March 21, 2011

...and the SHABBY APPLE dress winner IS....


Anita is from Iowa and happens to be a vendor at the same flea market I sell at in St. Charles, IL! I couldn't believe it when Random picked her number! I think this means I should see her wearing the Bali Ha 'I' dress while she is selling this summer, don't you!? Her booth is full of vintage goodness so I think a vintage-inspired dress would add nicely to the mood of the market!

Congratulations, me, so I can pass your address on to Shabby Apple!

Happy Monday, girls!

I am off for a long day at my warehouse. I have my first show coming in only 5 weeks and I have about 6,295 pieces of furniture to paint. Ok, it is really more like 85...but it feels like 6,295! My obsession this week seems to be wallpapering the insides of the drawers with vintage maps. So pretty!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

shabby apple winner...

........will be announced tonight!

Sorry, did I get you with that title, only to pull the rug out?!


On a more serious note, my mother-in-law is very ill and we have had an unexpected emergency with her so I am a little behind. I just wanted to let you know I had not forgotten about you or the giveaway.

I will choose the winner via tonight, so be sure to check back!

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

did someone say roadtrip??

 I am in need of some sort of therapy. A break. An escape. Downtime. I never allow myself to have those things. I just work. And work. And work some more. There is only one cure for me when I find myself working more than I am living. And that, my friends, is a little time with the girls and lots of junk shopping! Next weekend I am going to bust out the GPS and hit the road. I am ready for girly drinks, a cupcake for breakfast every day and lots of singin' in the car on our 6 hour ride north!



I {heart} Minneapolis. It is such an awesome city.

( I came across this road totally by accident last summer when I was junking my way through Minnesota! I couldn't believe it!)

 We have a few things planned...but I am looking for some help from my Minnesota girls.

(I will be on the hunt for 6 old chairs like this...)

Anyone out there from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that can give me some info on shops that are a 'must see' while we are there?? Our time is I want to hit the best spots that have the best goods. If you know my blog, you know what I like. White, chippy, maybe a little industrial mixed in...ooohh...and I LOVE me some architectural salvage! I know a few places in the Twin Cities thatare my usual stops, but always love a new lead!

(And I need about 4 more old mirror for a feature wall in my foyer, too...)

Please let me know of any junk shops, antique shops, restaurants or the place to get the best cupcake in the Minneapolis area!

(photo #1 & 2 by yours #3 & living)

And don't forget my Shabby Apple giveaway ends Thursday at midnight Central time!

Friday, March 11, 2011

shabby apple giveaway!

I am so excited to share another giveaway with you today! When the girls over at Shabby Apple contacted me to ask if I would collaborate with them to giveaway one of their incredible dresses to one of my readers, I could not scream YES fast enough!

 Bali Ha 'I'

I love everything about Shabby Apple...their vintage-inspired designs, the incredible selection of styles and colors...and their gorgeous accessories! They have the most amazing selection of women's dresses, but they also have dresses for little girl's...bridesmaids...even maternity dresses! But what I love most, is that they have a dress to fit anyone.

Any shape.
Any size.


Coming from a tall girl with long arms and a little more than she would like in the 'chest area'...I was amazed that even I could find something I could wear and most importantly feel soooo good in! For years I have had to avoid long sleeves because they are always too short, or button-down fronts because...well...lets just say they never wanted to stay buttoned...but Shabby Apple and their stunning wrap-style dresses have made me one happy girl!


I love the L'Ete dress for spring! Isn't it just the cutest??...and I cannot let this photo go by without mentioning that I am crazy in love with that door, too!

And this pretty little yellow number just makes my heart sing! I dream of flying down the Pacific Coast Highway in a retro convertible while wearing this dress. Isn't it funny the effect a pretty dress can have on you?

Ok, I know you want to is what you have to do to enter:
(giveaway open to US residents only, my apologize to my International friends!)

1. Leave me a comment on this post telling me which of the 4 dresses I have shown in this post  would love to win!
(Yes! The winner gets to choose which of these 4 dresses she would like!)


2. Visit Shabby Apple on Facebook and "Like" their page. Be sure to leave me another comment letting me know you did! (You will get insider info on special promotions and exclusive discounts, too!)

3. If you are a follower of my blog, leave me a separate comment letting me know!
(And I thank you all...I just love you girls!) 

4. Tweet, Blog or post on Facebook about my giveaway and leave me another comment letting me know you did!

Oh, and if you visit Shabby Apple and see that perfect dress just calling your name...Shabby Apple is offering a 10% discount to all my readers, too! Just enter "urbanfamrgirl10off" at checkout!

(giveaway closes at midnight central time, Thursday March 17th. Winner will be announced Friday morning, March 18th.)

Good Luck, girls!