Thursday, December 20, 2012

IPad GIVEAWAY from FOLK MAGAZINE! this thing on??

It has been a little while, hasn't it? 

Well today I am in and out of power, so I had to bring this blog post to you before it flickers off again! I have some fun more ways than one! First off, I am excited to tell you I have been given the job of my dreams! {Besides vintage shop owner, that is!} I have been hired to be the official 'pinner' for Folk Magazine. Can you imagine? I am so proud to be matched with a publication that believes in so many of the same things I do! And to get to share my love of Pinterest and all things useful and beautiful - well thats just a BONUS! 

Urban Farmgirl & Folk share so many of the same beliefs and hopes for the American way of living. And the eye candy that can be found between the pages...nothing short of amazing!! That is why it is one of my very favorite magazines out there. It is packed with ideas, recipes and focus on keeping the small business dream alive! 

Now onto the really exciting part of this post....did you know 
Folk is giving away an iPad??? 
Thats right, if you pop over to Pinterest via this link, and repin the image for the giveaway, your name will be entered. Easy peasy, right!!? 

AND if you purchase a new subscription {for you or a gift} or extend your current one, your name will be entered a SECOND time into the drawing! You get a gorgeous magazine in your mailbox AND an extra entry to win the iPad! How awesome is that?! 

The subscription is for a FULL YEAR {6 issues} and is only $5.00! I just bought one for each of my sisters and sisters-in-law! Consider the Christmas shopping done in this house!

Ok, remember...go here to PIN...and go here if you want to SUBSCRIBE for a second entry!

Good luck to you, and I hope to see you following along as I pin for Folk

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

pics from around the shop...


That is the first word I can think of to describe how the grand opening of my little shop went last Thursday. As I have been reflecting back over the last few days I am still stunned at the crowd that came out all three days to support me and my adventure! I will never be able to express how grateful I am to each and every one of you that either sent my supportive words through email or came in to say 'hello' last weekend.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I was so lucky to have Traci on hand to take photos for me...I didn't have a chance to get a single photo all weekend!

Here we are right before I opened the door...

....and then then just a few moments later...

It was like that pretty much all night! I was advertised to close at 9...but couldn't shut the doors until 11! 

And for all of you that have emailed and left comments - YES! Urban Farmgirl T-shirts will be for sale online, too! $25 includes shipping! Email me if you would like one!

It was such a wonderful weekend! I opened the door with a shop full of vintage goodies...and shut the lights of Saturday night to a shop picked clean with the tables almost bare. I am gearing up for the next opening...the shop will be full of new goods! Hope you will be able to stop by!

Shop address:
2202 Rural St. 
Rockford, IL  61107

December Open Dates:
December 12th - 3-9 
(it's a Christmas open house, so come for treats and giveaways!)

December 13th - 10-6
December 14th - 10-4
December 15th - 10-4

Hope to see you there!