Thursday, July 29, 2010

my thursday...

Well girls, no pretty pictures today.

Just a whoooooooole lotta reality going on in this girls life today!

So come along for the ride...I have a list of about 397 things I have to do today, but the most important thing is that I have to prepare to go here this weekend...

Which means I have to pack 2 of these...and 2 cars so full the wheels almost pop off.

So once I am done with that...

I have to sit down with this...

And try

Oh yeah, this is the part where I am going to feel soooo old.

I am dreading that call to my super-cool 17 year old niece. You know the one....where the Aunt has to break down and ask how to use her new cell phone computer thingy. 


I was cool once, I swear.

If it rings before I have my little conference with her, I have no idea how to answer it.

So no one call me until after about 10pm tonight.

 By then I hope to at least know how to talk on it.

I swore I would never have a phone like this.

You see, a girl that calls herself an "urban farmgirl" has a reputation to maintain.

That means a simple life.

I somehow don't think answering emails while I fly down a gravel road looking for my next load of junk fits into the "simple life" category.

Oh well, "progress" what they call it??


So after a few minutes of dealing with this new phone thing...

I know I am going to be curling up with this to relax and bring me back to my happy place.

I am super excited because my sweet friend Layla's home is featured...

You know Layla...the uber-designer extraordinaire from The Lettered Cottage...

I took a peek already...I couldn't help myself!

Ahhhh...I am so happy I have something to look forward to at the end of this crazy day.

Happy Thursday, girls.

P.S. If you are coming to the show this weekend (Kane County Flea Market)...stop by and say "Hi"...once again I will be in my usual spot in the Arena Building, which is across from the Main Office. I have 6 spaces it really is a "sea of white" that you will find me in. I always smile when someone comes that reads my blog and says "oh my gosh, it really is a sea of white!" Ha!

P.S.S. And since you girls cannot seem to get enough of them...I have 100...yes, 100!! white painted empty frames this month. I sold out in the first hour last month so come early!

P.S.S.S. And don't forget while you are there to stop by and see my girls! The Iowa Junk Gypsies will be in their usual spot...near the NW Gate...look for the 2 big tan tents! They have the best booth at the show! Tell them I sent you!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, July 26, 2010

we have winners!!

It must be the "giver" in me....but hosting a giveaway is so much stinkin' fun!!

If love to add a smile to someone's day, so if I could, I would do it every day!

But on to the winners....578 girls ROCK!

The winner (chosen by for the $50 gift certificate to White Flower Farmhouse is....

Don't you love this photo of her??...I have a feeling if her and I lived closer, we would get into a lot of trouble together. Fun trouble, that is. If you have not see it yet, you have to read her last post. I mean seriously!??...everyone in her lakeside neighborhood taking the canoes out to a special spot where they find wine, cheese and chocolate dipped strawberries waiting for them???...I am sooooo moving there!

And I need to give a big THANK YOU to all of you that posted, tweeted or added my button to your sidebar to share the love!

The winner of the 'secret' prize that added my lil' ol button to her sidebar is...

Have you seen her new Etsy shop?? If are like me and love pillows and slipcovers that are white and all have to check it out! I am in looooove with everything!

Email me girls, and we will talk about claiming your prizes!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

100th post ~ its giveaway time!

Happy Monday, ladies!

Hope you had a wonderful summer weekend! I am so excited today because we are honoring a milestone here at Urban Farmgirl!

This is officially my 100th post!

And what good is a milestone without a celebration, right??

When I started this blog, I was pretty confident no one would be reading.


 I figured it would feed my obsession with decorating and houses...maybe be a little outlet for my furniture painting business...and that would be as far as it would go. I never dreamed I would find such a wonderful group of girls out there that shared my love of all things vintage and white...junking and photography! In my little corner of the world, I have always been the only girl that decorated with white...and "old stuff" as my friends call it was amazing to find so many of you that share the love!

Not only am I celebrating my 100th post, I am celebrating you. The girls I wake up to each and every day. I have been in your homes, I have met your family...some of you I feel I know better than people I see in person every single day! Isn't this crazy blog world awesome? A year ago I never imagined any of this was possible!

To celebrate, I would love to invite you all over for brunch...or for dinner at my favorite little bistro in town...or for a day spent 'urban farmgirl style' (which means hitting every junking spot within a 50-mile radius of my house)...but since life and logisitics get in the way of any of about a giveaway??

Better yet, a giveaway to one of my favorite places. Ever.

White Flower Farmhouse

One of you ladies will be the lucky winner of a $50 gift certificate to spend on anything you would like over at!

Their shop is amazing! It's a little farmhouse...a little beachy...a little cottage garden. Here are a few of my favorite things...

Handpainted signs on old wood...I actually have one hanging over me where I am typing this right now!

They have ironstone...and farm tables...and painted furniture, too! (Isn't that table just awesome!!??)

Wait - did I just say ironstone?? Let me say it again...because it is my favorite! about some green glass bottles...and of course an old wire basket to put them in !

And the rugs??? Oh man, the rugs. They are Dash & Albert of course! I would be happy to take one in every color!

I love, love, love the soaps, too! Don't they make a lovely statement together like this?...reminds me of beach glass!

(all photos property of White Flower Farmhouse and used with their permission) here are the rules.

1. Leave me a comment on this post to be entered in the drawing.

2. If you become a follower of my blog, I will add your name in for a second chance. Just be sure to leave me a separate comment letting me know you have become a follower.

3. If you would like to blog about my giveaway, I will add your name in for a third chance! Be sure to leave me another separate comment to let me know to enter your name again!

And for those of you that decide to spread the love and blog about my giveaway...I have a special little drawing just for you! Shhh...the prize is a surprise, but it is something fantastic, I promise!

Oh, and the drawing will end at midnight on Sunday July 25th! I will announce the winner (chosen by on Monday July 26th!

Good luck! And to those of you that have stopped by to read my last 99 silly little posts...THANK YOU! It means more to me than you will ever know!

Oh, and here is a little button if you would like to add it to your sidebar. That counts as blogging about it, so gets you entered in the 2nd drawing!

Comments for the giveaway are now closed. Thank you to all that entered!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

house stalking...minnesota style

If you just happen to live in Minnesota...or Wisconsin...and in the last few days saw a tall, dark haired girl standing in your front yard week photographing your house...and then your neighbor's house...and then the house across the street...

it was probably me.

I have a house obsession. I need therapy, I know.

I get home from a roadtrip and find I have 999 photos of complete stranger's houses...and 2 of my sweet husband. That is some thanks I give him since he drives the get-away car on my house stalking adventures!But these houses I had to share. Maybe you won't understand because you were not there to experience the charming little town that went along with these beauties, but I couldn't help but show you some of my 999 photos!

All of the houses in this post were in a tiny little town called Wabasha, Minnesota. It has a little claim to fame as the town where the "Grumpy Old Men" movies were filmed. I can totally see why Hollywood came knocking on the doors of this Mississippi River town.

I parked the car, stepped onto the sidewalk and could have sworn I was thrust back in time to Mayberry USA. A police car went by and I had to check to see if Andy Griffith was behind the wheel. It was wholesome and beautiful, just as Smalltown USA should be.

There was not a speck of dirt on the sidewalks. Each old-fashioned lamp post had a cascading basket of flowers hanging from it. Main Street was lined with cute little coffee shops and diners with an antique store or two sprinkled in here and there.

 I loved every minute of my time there.

I would looooove to have a porch like this one below! I would have a party every night of the week just so everyone could enjoy my view!

If you are not familiar with what goes along with living on the Mississippi River...let me give you a few words.

Gorgeous - Stunning - and Incredible views!

365 days a year you  have sparkling water, orange foliage or snow covered trees out your front window.

This one reminds me of a Nantucket beach house. So charming and simple.

And have I ever mentioned just how crazy I am about metal roofs??

Yes, its true. I love them.

And the lights above the garage door, too!

This one just screamed Minnesota simplicity.

American flag.

 Brick walk.


But this little lady was the highlight of my photo session. She was the sweetest 88 year old woman I think I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I caught her tending to her window boxes early one morning. I snapped a few candid pics before I walked over to say hello.

She was as sweet as apple pie. She told me her husband bought her this house on the river 58 years ago and it will be only in this home that she draws her last breath.

It brings tears to me eyes just thinking about it.

Every morning the first thing she does is wake up to check the river.

She told me her soul is in this house, and in this little town...but mostly in the river view she has seen every morning for 58 years.  

I am always so happy to hear of someone that has such love for their home. It makes me smile even more when she is 88 and her home is so full of memories.

This lovely home made me do a double-take!

It is an octagon shaped house with a room at the top that would make a perfect office for me! Oh, to have a room up in the trees...I would never leave!

And those corbels... *sigh* is possible to really be in love with a corbel??

Because I am .

Another subject for my therapy sessions.

But it was the porch that really had me going crazy.

Love it.

That's all I can say.

Hope you enjoyed my little house your of little 'ol Wabasha, Minnesota! I feel better now that I have shared the love.

Oooh...and do you know what I just realized??

This is post #99 for the Urban Farmgirl!!!

You know what that means....right??

A giveaway for the next post!!

Can I get a little "woohoo!" from everyone out there?? You know I am gonna make it something good!

Monday, July 5, 2010

minnesota or bust...

Girls, I am so stinkin''s ROADTRIP TIME!

This Urban Farmgirl is heading Up North for a few days relaxing and of course I will be turning every junk shop throughout Wisconsin and up to Minnesota up.side.down!

Do you have any idea how many goodies one can find down all those long, winding, tree lined country roads Up North??

It is amazing what treasures the Midwest has hidden away! 

Who knows...I may even knock on a door or two 'American Pickers' style. Watch out Frank & Mike...there is a new girl in town and she knows how flash a sweet smile and ask an old farmer dude if she could look through his old barn. (No offense to Frank or Mike...its are men...and my approach is...lets say...different. So call me if you want me to ride along on your next trip.

(Oh, and Andrea I know you are reading are comin' with me too, of course!) are probably wondering what these crazy photos have to do with my little holiday in the Northwoods....

Well, let me tell you.

Not one. darn. thing.

But, they are from my last little buying trek across the Midwest. You remember, right?? Back in May I breezed through Southern Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa and Kansas. I almost needed a semi to drag home the loads of goodies I scored for my upcoming trek to Junk Bonanza this fall!

But all the loot I came home with...

that was NOT the highlight of my trip.

Lets just say this short time on the long, open road through Kansas was a sweet spot in our little trip.

My sweet man now calls it my 'Clark Griswold moment'.

Now for all of you that have no idea what that means...go rent the 80s movie 'Vacation' with Chevy Chase and you will see what I mean. There is a momentary, imaginary love affair Clark has with Christie Brinkley when they are driving down the highway together. Remember that??

Except I was not so much after the cute young thing behind the wheel.

Even though he was pretty dang cute. Straight out of an Abercrombie ad, actually. The aviator sunglasses did have me swooning a little, I have to admit.

I was just lusting after his truck.

I'll be back in a few days, girls! Can't wait to show you what I find!