Monday, June 13, 2011

monday's randomness...

Why do Monday's seem to come so fast? I don't even work a 9-5 job, but still there is something about the feel of a Friday afternoon. Such promise for a fun & productive weekend. But then before I know it  Monday morning comes and slaps me in the face. Such an injustice. I vote for reform to make it a 2 day work week, and 5 day weekend! Who's with me??

So today we are going to revisit the 'bullet point style' blog post. It has quickly become my favorite, and it seems yours, too! So here we go...just the thoughts that are floating around in my head on this lovely Monday morning.

I have porches and patios on the brain the morning...

- First let me say to all you girls that came out to see me last weekend at the flea was sooooo great to meet all of you! I could not believe how many times last weekend I heard "I read your blog". My apologies if I seemed like a deer-in-the-headlights, I was just in shock ever time I heard someone say it. Really? You read what lil 'ol me has to say?? I *LOVE* you girls for that, seriously! You sure know how to make a girl blush!

- I did a little landscaping this weekend. I keep looking out my windows to stare at it. Is that weird? I am sure it is, but I am just so proud! But let me say, my body is telling me this morning WHY people hire people to do that stuff. Ugh.  

- I am moving an old farm table into my home office today to use as my desk. Am I going to miss having drawers like in my desk? Or is compulsively-organized me going to find a way to make it work? I just really love the table so thought I had to at least try it. Stay tuned for the results on that one.

- I have a giveaway coming this week. Woohoo!!

- I have some AMAZING things going up on Etsy this week. Serioulsy good stuff, so be sure to check in. I am photographing some of it today. Old scales, tarnished silver, french flashcards, old wood tool totes, birdcages...I am cleaning the warehouse!

- I asked my husband last night what he thought of me whitewashing the wood floors that run through our house. He gave me his usual answer. "Sure. Whatever you want." I love that man. Never even questioned it for one second. Now, to find time to execute my plan.

- I have officially decided to roadtrip to the Country Living Fair in Ohio this September. Anyone out there going?

- This post is becoming way too long.

- I am plotting an planning a make-over of my patio & porch area this weekend. That would explain all the lovely photos I am showing you from Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest...I have 2 invites if anyone out there needs one. The first two people to send me a note with your email address can have them so you can start your obsession, too! 

- I have decided I need to start a support group called "Husbands of Pinterest"...because my poor hubs can't be the only one being ignored while I am pinning away all night long.

Ok, I have bored you enough for one day. Anyone still reading??

If you are...I love you for it. I am off to paint furniture at my warehouse today!

Happy Monday, girls!