Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have plans for the barn wood!!!

Oooohhh...I found my first project for all that barn wood I am soon going to have!!

If you missed the post about the corn crib (we will call it a barn just because it sounds so much cuter...) that was given to me for the wood...read my previous post...here.

And yes, it will confirm that I have lost my mind. A 35-year old girl is not your usual "gimme a hammer and pry bar I am going to rip down your barn with my bare hands prospect." But, if you know me...it totally makes sense.  

Ok, so back to my inspiration...I am so stinkin' excited! I was in Restoration Hardware yesteday and I had one of those "moments." You know what I mean...where you are totally across the room and you see it out of the corner of your eye. And somehow you push your way through the crowd of Labor Day shoppers to throw yourself at it..not even realizing you knocked over 2 displays and threw a pile of pillows to the ground in the process??


 It was one of those moments.

Isn't it gorgeous???

I can't decide if I want it for a patio table or a kitchen island.

Hmmm...maybe I will make one of each!

Did I even mention that we build furniture, too??

That's right...I am not just a painter of furniture, when I get the whim....I design...and my sweet hubby builds me whatever my little heart desires.

Sometimes we sell it to stores for display pieces...some I will sell online...and every once in a great while you may see a piece at one of my shows.

But, since we are only 2 people...and we refuse to outsource anything...those pieces are few and far between.

But now, I have a good feeling there are going to be lots of cool pieces made from salvaged wood popping up around here! I officially cannot wait to get this barn down and get my projects going.

Oh...and project #2 is going to be a cabinet for my work room that looks like this.

I am crazy in LOVE with all those drawers!

Oh, Restoration Hardware...how I love thee.

Thank you for the constant inspiration...and prices so high it drives me to use my own to hands to create something I will be proud of.

~ smile ~

Happy Tuesday, friends.

I am still recovering from a whirlwind weekend of a super-busy flea market show and birthday celebration dinners, parties and shopping trips!

I will be back soon with the cabinet reveal!
(You know the cabinet...the one I promised you the reveal of 2 weeks ago! Well, lets just say I have been busy.)