Tuesday, November 30, 2010

dreamy white christmas...

I know many of you are not from the Midwest, so probably miss out on seeing one of my favorite magazines...Midwest Living.

I cannot tell you how crazy I am about this magazine!! It has everything I love. Gorgeous home photos, yummy midwest comfort-food recipes and some of the greatest travel info for long weekends and day trips I have every seen between the pages of a magazine!

This month featured a home in Kansas that I find to be amazing...so I had to share.

Deserae & Derek renovated this 1870s schoolhouse with their own hands...isn't that awesome!?

The armoire stopped me in my tracks. I have one very similar to this in my warehouse. Hmmm..I feel a project coming on!

* sigh *

It is just so beautiful.

Deserae found it on Craigslist and painted it herself!

LOVE the flocked tree! I never thought I would, to be honest. But I have to admit, this one is fantastic, and fits the personality of this home perfectly!

Those gorgeous hardwood floors were salvaged from the gym in an old school.

I can totally relate since I just spent a lot of time (and got a lot of slivers) salvaging the wide-planked oak floors out of an old barn. So much work to do get the job done, but they look so amazing when given new life!

Loving those urns...and that mirror...is gorgeous, isn't it??

I am soooo wrapping a few gifts this way...simple and so beautiful!

I love how the accesories and not traditional Christmas colors. They are so subtle and soft with an element of nature.

Heeelllo gorgeous grandfather clock!! Would you like to come home with me?? I have the perfect spot for you!

And I leave you with the kitchen.

Isn't it beautiful??

Can you believe the cabinets were a Craigslist find they fitted and painted themselves??

I love the power of DIY.

So there you have it girls, a little slice of the Midwest.

In all its beauty.

I am feeling a little inspired, how about you??