Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the christmas barn....

As promised...more of the 2,413 photos I took Sunday at Northwind Perinnial Farm.

This is my last post on this.

I swear.

~ wink ~

I just love this place, so I have to share it with you. I would feel bad keeping all this beauty to myself!

I have a serious 'thing' for barn doors. They are so beautiful...and the craftsmanship that goes into each one is unreal. I would so love to sneak this one off its hinges and bring it home with me!

Northwind closes down around the first part of October to prepare for the Holiday displays. They reopen the weekend before Thanksgiving...I really should have gone earlier. So much was already sold...it is amazing how many people come for a visit when they set up for Christmas...but it is still so gorgeous!

I love the industrial lighting and chippy, old paint furniture they use in their displays...

I am slightly obsessed with the farm table and the 3 galvanized buckets...

The grand piano inside the barn is pure genius...I love how it is a focal point...even from the outside. If you missed that in yesterdays post, have a look. Sliding the barn doors open so you can see the piano from outside was a fantastic idea!

I love the feeling of a huge old barn...the soaring ceilings and loft that you can see just a peek of here remind me of the barn at our farm growing up. I would say that wreath was about 6 feet in diameter...stunning!

I love this room.

The white beams, the industrial lighting, the chippy cabinets and natural tree.

* sigh *

so pretty.

Just for the record, I am on the hunt for a piece of fretwork like the one in this photo to the left of the green cabinet.

I must have one for my fireplace wall!

Here we go with that barn door obsession again.

That would look stunning at the end of my hallway.

Just in case someone sees one similar.

Remember me, ok??

Oh my, the stalls.

The stalls were my favorite part of the barn.


Until you have seen them in person, you just can't appreciate them.

So dreamy with their worn wood and yet even more industrial lighting inside.

There is my little kitty friend again I talked about in yesterdays post.

Oh, and each stall was done in a different vignette.

They were soooo gorgeous, I cannot even tell you.

I did take some photos, but since I have no idea how you use this new camera, the industrial lights and my lack of skills did not get along very well.

But take my word for it.

They were...stunning!

My very favorite part of the day...

Kinda hard to make sense out of what this photo is, because it was a very tight space I was in.

But I know there is a farmgirl in the crowd out there that will get right away what this is!

.........they put their Christmas tree in the silo.


      There was a big, beautiful real tree, surrounded by 4 chippy metal retro-motel style patio chairs.

I wish the space wasn't so tight...it was awesome!!

I have received so many emails from my Midwest peeps that want to go for a visit and soak in the beauty for themselves. Thank you for sharing the love! 

Here is the website for Northwind Perennial Farm. Their hours and directions are listed, but do call before you go, even through it says they are open through Decemeber 12th. I believe the owner told me they didn't have enough stock left to stay open through next weekend. I would hate for you to make the trip only to find out they are closed!

If you want to see the outside of the barn and photos for the gounds..check out my post from yesterday here.