Thursday, December 9, 2010

i heart House of White...

A few weeks ago I stumbled on a blog that I am in *love* with and I just have to share...

House of White

Jenni and Lisa are friends, and creators of House of White. They love decorating with shades of white and a twist of vintage charm. They are both driven by the desire to have not only a beautiful home, but one that functions realistically for a family with small children. The imperfect charm of vintage and the bleachability of white made the House of White aesthetic both lovely and functional for their busy lives.

Jenni pointed out to me that since they both live in the Northwest, so much of the year is gray and rainy. And I cannot agree with her more, there is nothing better than coming home to a bright, cheerful house, filled with shades of white!

So here you go girls...soak up some House of White eye candy, then pop over to their blog to see for yourself.

You know how I feel about houses with wood Pure love. I cannot stop staring and dreaming when I look at Jenni's living room!

Isn't it just beautful??? For a second I thought it was a picture out of a Pottery Barn catalog!

And that staircase garland with those beautiful ornaments...

made it herself.

yep. handmade.


I think I am going to be getting my craft on this weekend, thanks to a little inspiration from the House of White!

And this is the photo that first drew me into their blog.

Jennie and Lisa painted these chairs and made those lovely covers for the seats!

Aren't they beautiful?! I loooove that pleated ruffle!

Now go on, click over to their blog and take a peek into the world of Jenni & Lisa...

Oh, and I have to mention the most fabulous part...they sell their painted furniture and vintage goodies!

If you are lucky enough to live near Camas, can find their treasures at Camas Antiques.

Otherwise...if you are like me, and can only dream of spending hours perusing Camas...I am happy to say you can shop House of White on Etsy!

"Tis the season...and they have some fantastic things in their shop!

Happy Thursday everyone, once again I can't believe how fast the week is going by!