Tuesday, May 31, 2011

random things...

Today, I am totally copying Teresa from Meadowbrook Farm. I love her posts with 'bullet points.'

She is pure genius, that girl!

Thank you, Teresa for letting me steal your brilliant, Monday 'morning and I am tired' blog-friendly idea.

Ok, here it goes. A quick little blog post with random things that make no sense together at all. My specialty!

- I know I promised you pretty photos from my weekend in Michigan, but I don't have any. It rained. Sideways. Every day I was there. Enough said about that. Moving on.

- If you have Blogger and see I am visiting your blog and not commenting...don't hate me. I am still just having problems leaving comments. Anyone find a way around this yet?

- I am totally obsessed with Pinterest. TOTALLY OBSESSED. The photos in this post were all from my the pins I was adding at midnight last night. When I should have been sleeping. Obsessed, I tell ya!

- By the time my head hits the pillow tonight, I have to paint a desk, a nightstand, 4 beds, a bookcase and 45 old picture frames. Kill me.

- I am thinking of buying an iPad. Anyone out there have one? Do you love it?

- If you purchased anything on Etsy from me since last Thursday, your package is shipping out today. Just so you know.

- I read a lot of blogs that give nicknames to their husbands that tie into their blog name. It seems too cruel to call mine "Mr. Farmgirl"...it would just strip his manhood right away...any suggestions? He does so much for me 'behind the scenes'. He is my furniture-fixer, truck-loader, delivery boy...anything I ask of him. It seems he deserves a proper name, no? How about Urban Farmboy?? Hmmm...maybe I should stick to just calling him "the hubs".

- We were at an antique shop in Michigan this weekend, and I was wearing my Hunter boots. I was at the checkout, and the older man working there had a thick German accent. He was a very flirty old man...and he offered me 10% off without me even asking because he said I had "nice boots". I have never seen my husband turn around so fast. I had to clarify that he did indeed say "BOOTS" and not something that sounds a lot like "boots"...only naughty...if you have a German accent.

- It is supposed to rain here AGAIN today. I can't take much more of this, I swear. Who did what to tick Mother Nature off?? Is it too much to ask for a summer that actually has sunshine??

- I know I promised a post on the wood wall in my guest room, but I have been so stinkin' busy getting ready for another show at the flea this weekend, I have yet to post it. Its coming soon, I promise!

Ok, signing off.

Did anyone actually make it to the end of this post?

If you did, feel free to leave me your suggestions for "Mr. Urban Farmgirls" nickname.

Happy Tuesday, all! Hope you had a great long weekend!