Monday, October 11, 2010

do you FREECYCLE???

Well, the weekend was pretty much a bust for me. I had such grand plans...the weather was going to be gorgeous...I was going to take in the Na-Da Barn sale and the apple orchard. Get a little yard work done on Sunday and try to scoop up some treasures at an auction.

But none of that happened.

(Ok, I guess I gotta confess...I need to ammend my previous statement. I didn't get to go to the auction I had dreamed about all week. I had to miss it. Along with a gorgeous dresser I had my eye on and about 1000 other things. But...I settled for a 3 minute stop at an auction I passed on the way home Sunday. But alas, all the goodies I wanted were at the very end and with bright sun and 86 degrees on a gorgeous fall Sunday, I was not waitin' around! So still, I consider the weekend a bust.)

As it always seems to happen, my plans came to a screeching halt when we got "the call". You know those calls...they usually come in the middle of the night and wake you out of a dead sleep. They are never, ever good news. I mean, does anyone ever call at 3am to say "Hey, you just won a million dollars!!". No, they are usually more along the lines of "someone is on their way to the hospital".

Of course, my call was the second one. My Mother-in-Law has Multiple Sclerosis, and she had a bad fall in the middle of the night. She was able to call for help, but it ended up she had 2 fractured vertebrae. Ouch. But she had a procedure that worked quite well, so she is home and feeling much better.

Today I am just out of it. I feel laaaaaazzzzzy. And that is so unlike me. It was a long weekend, to say the least. I am usually a go-go-go til midnight kind of girl.

So, I am cleaning to pass the time today. Deep cleaning. Closet by closet. Room by room. It is so liberating to get rid of "stuff". I am not a "stuff person" when I decide its gotta go...its gotta go now!

I just posted a few things on Freecycle, and it occured to me...I wonder if anyone in blogland does this, too?

Do you Freecycle?

Or have you even heard of it before??

Almost every city has a local chapter, you can find out by visiting their

I am always amazed how most people I mention it to give me this look like "what the heck is Freecycle???" so I thought I would share the love and tell you about it just in case you were one of those that just gave me the puzzled look with the head tilt that indicates you think I mean "recycle" instead of "freecycle". 

Freecycle is about find new homes for things...without sending them to a landfill. I give away the craziest things, and they always find a home. It takes minimal effort, I just post on the website what I am offering, and someone emails within minutes to say they would like it. Once I choose who it getting it, I give them my address and they come pick it up. It is out of my home and on to a new one! And to be honest, I usually leave it on my porch or in my driveway, and they pick it up before I even know it.  

So far today, I have given away 3 gallons of paint, a huge pile of wood scraps, 6 sweaters from last year, 2 purses and a bag of the lotions that come in perfume gift sets. Oh, and a garbage bag full of fabric scraps!

 Not bad for a couple hours of work. And the people that receive the items are usually so very grateful. Most are looking for things because they are out of work, or just can't afford things they don't "need" to buy. Some are crafters and like getting odds and ends for supplies, and I even have a local Playhouse that takes tons of stuff off my hands as we reno our house, like old doors, windows and paint. They use it for was so weird to go see My Fair Lady this summer and see our things up on stage!

Of course, I do give things to friends and family, and save some for our annual garage sale bash, too...but Freecycle is such a great way to go if you want something gone...pronto.

So, I just have to know...does anyone else out there Freecycle??

I just gotta know.