Thursday, October 14, 2010

I heart Faded Prairie...

Hello ladies...hope you are having a fabulous Frinday morning! I just love Fridays, don't you? It's my day to get out and about...spend my morning going to sales...uncovering buried gets me all geared up for the weekend!

Ok, but enough about what I am doing today...I am super excited for you to get to know one incredible girl a little better....drumroll, I bring you.....Kristin, from Faded Prairie!

One thing I love about blogland is getting to know people I never would have in real life. I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most amazing women...some in person...and some simply through email and talking over the phone.

One girl that I have grown to just *adore* through her blog is Kristin, and she is so fabulous, I thought you should all know her a little better, too! When I am reading a blog, I always find myself wondering what that person is like...what their life is like...even just for a day. Kristin has a way of life I would love to live, today I invited her here to tell us a little more about what a day in the life of a prairie girl is like.

 Let's start at the and why did you decide on the name Faded Prairie for your blog?

A little so many I had always dreamed of owning my own brick and mortar store. I was always fearful of taking that first step...then unexpectedly I lost my dad. I didn't realize how many regrets could come along. I lost my only tie to my heritage and to the land he held so dear. I knew of one way to make him proud, to make amends for things that were wrong in our relationship and that was to share the heritage of this little prairie and to give voice of those who came before.

A year after his passing I opened the doors to Prairie Whispers in Torrey Utah, a little tourist community on the outskirts of my prairie. A year after that I discovered Etsy and knew I wanted to share not only my way of life with those who were lucky enough to visit Torrey, but also with the world. It was extremely hard trying to decide on the right name, I wanted something that spoke of the past and also something that gave a little glimpse of my *love* Faded Prairie was born. It really was amazing how it all came together, my name, my logo {a cow with a crown, whose name is soon to be announced from a fun little giveaway I hosted on my blog} and my tag line..."What Once Was"...I know for a fact that there is a strong, proud cowboy dad inspiring and helping his daughter each and every step of her way..

Tell us about your typical day on the prairie...

Our days depend on the seasons...right now we are finishing up the farming, putting away wheel moves, getting equipment ready for the long winter storage. October always marks a busy time in our year...the fall gather of our cattle is just starting.  We will be gathering the whole month of October and selling calves the first part of November. Then comes moving the cattle to winter range and finally the calving of all the new calves...all the while trying to stay on top of school and homework, my part-time job as a Librarian and the running of my Etsy shop...needless to say it is never really quiet around here!

I love the painted wood floor in your bedroom and kitchen! I know the kitchen floor you installed yourself, using inexpensive plywood you cut into strips. Now that you have lived with it for a while, how do you like it? If you had it to do all over again, would you?

Oh my, white wood flooring...*sigh*...i have really gotten to know each nook and cranny very well while on my hands and needs scrubbing away these past couple months!! I *love* the look and feel of the floor, the installation was super easy and we couldn't beat the price...that being said I probably wouldn't put white floors in a high traffic area in my home again. I know, I should have known before hand what it was going to be like with three wild children, but at least my curiosity is satisfied.

Ok, for those of us that are miles and miles from a prairie lifestyle...tell us 5 things we need to know should  we ever pop in for a visit...(hint...hint)

Hmmm....five things you must know about prairie life...are you ready for this???
Here are some unromantic facts about prairie life...

1. Flip flops are not allowed in the cattle corral...especially when rescuing small farm animals...
2. Animal slobber, manure, grease, and dirt are a daily occurrence both on yourself and your wild prairie family...
3. Carpet cleaner salesmen, free range chickens and what the chickens leave behind do not do very well together...
4. There is a "language" spoken by the men of the prairie that you must learn how to decipher...especially while backing up a horsetrailer...
5. Prairie life is hard, some days you wonder if you and your family will ever catch a break, but you go on. not just for your immediate family but for your family that came before you and made it possible for you to live this amazing way of life..

Your style is nothing short of you have a "name" for it? I love how you find beauty in simplicity.

I'm not sure if my style could be given a name...I'm not even sure if I know what exactly it is?!?...I do know that it is finally "me" right now. Our home if finally feeling like the home that I dreamed about for my little prairie family. There are major things I would like to change about our little farmhouse itself, but since that is not in the budget right now, I'm always searching for that little statement piece that will bring a sense of the prairie into our home.

About a year after I was married I realized that my husband really didn't give a hoot what the house was decorated like, so I started changing things. I went from extreme southwestern (all things cowboy) to a very country, primitive style for while...then thought i had found my true style with a old world french farmhouse feel. I still have pieces of this style here and there, but about 7 years ago I came across some amazing wrought iron cow brackets and my obsession was born. one constant though as always been my *love* for all things rusted, chippy, vintage farm goods. I have to admit I never would have thought I would be drooling over galvanized farm buckets, old tractor gears, and be on the hunt for a windmill to have inside my house?!?

I am always in awe of your photography. What camera are you using, and how in the world did you learn to take such great photos? Did you take a class or whas it all through expirementation?

When my first son was born nine years ago, all I had was a little point and shoot 35mm camera. I was devastated when after his first month I got the pictures back from being developed only to discover they were all blurry and his little head was cut off 95% of the time! I think that very day I went shopping for a new camera. I have gone through two digital cameras and right now I'm shooting with a Nikon D70. I've had it for three years and have yet to read the owners manual...{shudder...hives...} I just learn as I go discovering new things here and there. My passion really started with the Pioneer Woman and she introduced me to actions. From there textures entered my life and I haven't been the same since! I really believe you can get an good picture with all the good cameras out there, you don't need to have the most expensive camera; just give a little thought as to what you want your photo to say, what feeling to you want the observer to experience when they gaze upon your photos.

I would love to know your favorite thing about blogging. It seems to be so different for each of us, is there a "moment" that stands out that makes you proud to be part of this corner of the world?

(all photos courtsey of Faded Prairie)

I have to admit...shamefully...before I got into the whole 'blogging thing' my attitude towards it wasn't the greatest. I had no idea the sense of community, the awe inspiring posts, and the kindred spirits I would "meet" while blogging. Just recently I was able to travel to the Northwest and attend the fall harvest at the Barn House Boys sale. While there, I was able to meet some of the most amazing women whose blogs I have followed faithfully and who "get" the whole farm junk thing! It was truly one of the most memorable trips and experience I have ever had!

I just love Kristin, don't you?? I swear we should be neighbors...or best friends...but I may have to settle for my current status of "blog stalker". She is an amazing pop over and visit her blog...and don't forget to get lost for a little while in her gorgeous Etsy shop. Maybe you will find a little something to bring a little Faded Prairie style to your corner of the world, too!

Happy Weekend, girls!

I'll be back Monday with show-and-tell of my "finds" for the week!

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