Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a tisket...a tasket...a linen ruffled basket!

I am not feeling the best allergies have me in a near coma-like state, so I will keep this short and sweet.

I have been missing the blog world the last few days, the cause being renovations are underway on a few projects I am super excited about! There has been dust flying all over my house (I am sure that is not helping the above-mentioned allergy issue) and I have been tripping over construction workers at every ideas for a blog post just have not been flowin'.

 And yes, I have had worse problems in my life than a house full of strong, young men that are good with their hands being under my feet. But with a stuffy nose, head congestion and swollen eyes, I have been in hiding as to not scare anyone into not coming back to finish the job. Trust is not a pretty sight.

Did I say this was a 'short and sweet' post??? Hmmm...

I guess I better get to it since this post is not supposed to be about strong young men or runny noses...but about......metal wire baskets.

I love my collection of wire baskets.

If there was a house fire, I swear I would grab a few on my way out the door.

These are going to be part of a make-over I am working on for my home office. Big changes are in store...and it involves beadboard, lots of white paint and yards and yards of my new favorite linen-like fabric. I can't wait to show you...but until it is done, I thought I would show you what I worked on today

Metal basket storage for my magazines...

(and I apologize for my lack of ironing of my fabric and dark outside photos...those "men" were in my way again.)

My lovely (and currently favorite sister) sewed liners for a few of my wire gym baskets, and I am loving them! I asked her to give me something simple, and to give me exposed stitching and raw edges. I am lovin' how they turned out!

 And in case you were wondering, my "go-to" fabric when I want a "linen" look is from a pair of Ikea drapes called LENDA. I love, love, LOVE this fabric! It drapes like a dream, the color is fantastic and I love the slight seaming it has, too. But, best of all? It is cheap! $14.99 for TWO 110" long panels. I discovered these about a year ago, and I use them to cover chair seats, pillows, curtains and I will now add to my list...basket liners!

I hope you all are having a happy week! I can't believe the weekend is almost here..woohoo!

Did I mention I am doing a Halloween charity event for a local museum this Saturday? And yes, I am dressing up. My "seamstress sister" is sewing my costume as I type this. If I am brave enough, maybe I will show you pictures on Monday!

(wink, wink...)