Monday, October 25, 2010

you can call me "Red"...

I have never really been into Halloween. I could take it or leave it, really.

We usually build a fire and watch a couple of movies.

I am not the girl that gets all dressed up for a night on the town.


But this year was different.

You see, my hubs LOVES kids. He loves entertaining them...he is "that Uncle". You know...the c-r-a-z-y one that all the kids stick to like glue at a family Holiday. The one that plays football in the backyard with all the nephews on Christmas doesn't matter if it is snowing, raining...whatever...yeah, he loves every minute of it.

He just loves making them happy.

Every year he volunteers to coordinate and decorate part of our local museum that hosts a Halloween event. The museum has a little historic town behind it and he, along with a bunch of friends, decorates and hands out candy at the Police Station in the town. I usually help him with the decorating part, but I have never actually been there on the day of the event.

But this past Saturday we decked out the building, loaded the car with candy and headed to the museum for one of the best days I have had in a long time!

Somehow he even managed to get me in a costume...


And for all you funny girls out there...I am NOT the one of the left.

Ha. Ha.

It was so much more fun than I expected! The kids that were there had a great time, the museum is so quaint and cute...I could move there with all those cute little old buildings and houses, I swear!

It is such a great event for the kids in out town. They get to come out and spend the day with their parents playing games, going on a hayride, dressing up for a costume contest and stuffing themselves with all the candy they can get their little hands on! Just a good old fashioned fall party with all the fun of Halloween mixed in.

I am so glad I jumped in and did it this year! Even if I did have a serious case of "hood hair" all day.

If you decide to celebrate, I hope you have a fabulous weekend! And if you dress up...I wanna see pictures! I am already planning my costume for next year, and I need ideas!

Happy Monday, friends!

I am off to paint a few pieces of furniture today. I have clients waiting, and I have been lazy long enough!