Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh pottery barn, how you inspire me...

It was a long day was soooo cold and cloudy and we were in the-middle-of-nowhere Iowa working on the "barn project" again today. And the wind?? What the heck, I felt like I was an extra in the movie Twister!! Just so you know, it is VERY hard to handle 16 foot long, solid oak boards in 30 mile and hour wind. Ugh. But so worth it, because that wood is going to make some gorgeous furniture!

 (If you are just tuning in, the meat-and-potatoes of the story is that my hubs and I are taking down a 100-year old barn to salvage the wood and galvanized roofing for some new additions to our inventory for our little furniture biz.)

So anyway, where was I??

 Oh yes, long day...cold...windy...blah...blah. I jumped under my down comforter the minute I got home because I was frozen to the bone. I was toasty & warm, reading the Pottery Barn catalog that came in the mail today when I a mini-freakout when I turned to page 95.

I instantly fell in LOVE with the vintage-inspired wood lockers that were staring back at me.

So, since I am a resourceful girl...I swipe their ideas take inspiration from their gorgeous full-color glossy catalog, draw up some plans, buy some wood and get to work building my own!  In all honesty, I saw something similar to these on a blog last year, and have been wanting to build a set ever since! Seeing these just gave me the boost I needed to get to work!

Soon, my husband will be off of work for 3 weeks!!

I could not be happier...because look what he is going to be building...

I am trying to get everything photographed for my upcoming Etsy shop...but I have to take a little time out so we can build and finish a few of these vintage-inspired wood lockers!

I am in LOVE with them!

I don't have anywhere to use them in my home at the we are building them just for the fun of it. Just because we love building and creating and painting crazy, right?? We really need a hobby that isn't like work...but we love it so much, we just don't want to do anything else!

Hmmm...maybe I should offer a pair in my Etsy shop, just for fun??

Goodnight, my friends...I'm off to curl up again under my cozy down comforter to see what other things Pottery Barn is going to make me dream about tonight!

Oh, and my hubs just yelled to me from the other room...plans and a shopping checklist are already drawn up for the lockers!

I love that man.