Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my cute little 'trash day' find...

I am starting to slightly get a kick out of my little trash-picking adventures.

Trust me, I totally get how weird that is.

I took a walk this morning.

 I admit, use my sweet dog Jake as a 'cover' on trash day.

The poor guy hates to take walks, but Tuesday mornings we are out and about...just in case something was thrown out overnight that I may have to rescue.

Hmmm...if only it were trash day every day, Jake and I would both be a few pounds lighter.

If you have been following along for a while, you know I have become a shameless trash picker. 

My apologies if that freaks anyone out.

I usually only look for big stuff...furniture is at the top of my list when I am out 'hunting'. There is some seriously good stuff out there with a one-way ticket to a landfill, I tell ya!

But today...I found this little beauty staring up ay me from heaps of junk around trash cans at my neighbor's house.

Isn't she pretty??

I just had to share. I thought she was quite a find!

My elderly neighbor passed away recently, and his son just backed dumpsters up to the house and threw the whole contents of the house in.

Trust me, I about d-i-e-d when I saw it happening.

I am so glad one piece survived.

And by the way...I am trying to get in touch with Mother Nature today.

I want to be sure this gorgeous weather isn't going to be followed by some whopper of a payback come January.

My corner of the world just doesn't see weather like this in October. By this time last year, we already had snow!

By the way, is 35 old enough to get a condo in Palm Springs for the winter??

Hmmm...note to self...check that out just in case Mother Nature over-corrects herself in a couple of months.

Anyone else out there experiencing this fall heat-wave?? Lets hear it.

Now excuse me, I am going to bust out a watermelon and a fan.