Sunday, October 31, 2010

pray for my mama...

Well girls, I am heading out of town this afternoon. Tomorrow is a big day...for my mom...and for me. She is going in for surgery very early tomorrow morning. It is a scary kind of surgery, so I cannot say enough prayers and cross enough fingers and toes to help ensure she makes it through ok.

I love this woman. More than she will ever know. I am her last child...number 8 in the line-up, and born 9 years after all my brothers and sisters. I think that has always given us a special relationship. I am 35 years old, and when she introduces me to someone she still calls me her "baby".

Secretly, I love that.

And I love this photo of her...and this is how I want to think of her today. Young, in love and so much ahead of her in this life.

Please, say a little prayer for her.

I need her to be ok.